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The many distinct facets of Queen Elizabeth II

Memorable ads featuring none other than Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

By  Aashrey BaligaSep 13, 2022 9:23 AM
The many distinct facets of Queen Elizabeth II
A still of Queen Elizabeth II

The world is in great mourning over the loss of Britain's longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen has been the epitome of regality, dignity and grace, a towering personality that the entire world respected and looked up to. Brands have always sought celebrities for endorsements. How often have we seen royalty in ads? You read it right. Ads featuring none other than the Queen, it cannot get bigger than that. Let us take a look at some of the ads that featured the Queen as herself.

Ma'amalade Sandwich Your Majesty?

In a way, the ad featuring Queen Elizabeth II and Paddington Bear too is like a marmalade sandwich. Same covering on both sides with an all over the place, bitter-sweet filling. Paddington Bear is visiting the Queen for tea to congratulate her on her platinum jubilee. The conversation begins with Paddington Bear congratulating Her Majesty very chivalrously. A very nicely misguided opening as everything goes haywire for our dear Bear from here on. Any form of urbanity or suave that we thought existed, is overridden with clumsiness, terrible table manners and ungentlemanly behaviour. Let’s start with the tea. Instead of drinking off the cup, as would be expected, Paddington Bear drinks straight off the kettle. On realising that he has to offer tea to the Queen too, he leans across the table only to serve a couple of drops. While retreating to his seat, he struggles to prevent the kettle from falling and somehow manages to squish the cake with bits falling on the butler’s face. Finally, he takes out a marmalade sandwich from under his hat which he stores for emergency situations, in an effort to save face and salvage what was left of the rendezvous. Unexpectedly, the Queen surprises Paddington Bear by pulling out a marmalade sandwich of her own from inside her purse. The celebration begins and Paddington Bear takes her leave as politely and respectfully as he started, much like the smooth slice of bread which hides all the paraphernalia inside.

James Bond and The Queen London 2012 Performance

Queen Elizabeth II and James Bond, a pairing we didn’t know we wanted! Two British icons featuring together in an ad is an event in itself. We see James Bond escorting the Queen to the inauguration of the 2012 olympics as her personal bodyguard. How these two legendary personalities coming face to face didn’t cause a disruption in the space-time continuum is beyond us. Their choice of transport from Buckingham Palace to the stadium is a helicopter, chosen for a specific purpose. Her Majesty, The Queen decides to take the 007 approach for making an entry at the stadium. Bond and the Queen skydive from the helicopter into the stadium where they’re introduced grandly.

Invictus Games 2016 fighting talk

It is a rarity indeed to see First Families exchange fun and needling banter. It’s a battle between tradition and modernity, the prim and proper versus the easy-going and cool. The ad also showcases the warmth and affection between the Queen and Prince Harry and their sporting spirit in accepting the challenge. The Monarchy and the American Royals coming together for this mic-drop moment, an exotic feast for the audience.

Queen Elizabeth II with Queen Elizabeth II

1. A cordial meet between the young and the old - between two eras. The picture depicts youthful grace versus royal dignity. The paradigm shift from nervous-excitement to poise and maturity.

2. The picture is a photographer's delight, showcasing the Queen through different phases of her life. Immaculately dressed at any age, in keeping with changing times, all stitched together with the same royal grace, charm and dignity.

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