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Mast & Meh: Tinder, The Sleep Company, Sleepy Owl, WhatsApp, Limca

Find out who made the cut and who got cut in Storyboard18’s weekly picks of the best and boring ads.

By  Storyboard18Aug 31, 2022 10:35 AM
Mast & Meh: Tinder, The Sleep Company, Sleepy Owl, WhatsApp, Limca
Still from Casio India - Live Your Dream

MAST Casio India - Live Your Dream Agency: Tribes Communication

This commercial is musically brilliant and one cannot help but pay attention. The commercial features 2007 movie Taare Zameen Par’s acclaimed actor Darsheel Safary, who is new to college, and struggles to break the ice with his classmates and is thus seen as a recluse. What makes the advertisement score a ‘Mast’ or thumbs up is its ending, which adds elements of ‘surprise’, when Safary expresses his gratitude in sign language to the crowd who is impressed by his stupendous performance in playing a Casio at a music festival. Overall, the commercial stands out for its terrific storyline which keeps the waning attention of the viewers tightly hooked.

MEH Syskaa - Save Kiya Kya Agency: IBD India 

After watching the commercial, the first thought that crosses  our minds is, “Kya Save Kiya?” The ad stars actor and brand ambassador Rajkummar Rao, who is seen in a dual role. The quirkiness of his characters seems to be force fitted, and the campaign’s message does not successfully land. What could have saved the commercial from a ‘Meh’, could have been spinning an interesting story and focusing more on “Energy save kiya”, rather than trying to force fit elements that do not gel with the theme. 

MAST WhatsApp Agency: BBDO India

Directed by Prakash Varma, WhatsApp’s new campaign addresses the most critical issue associated with the app - privacy. Through a heart-warming conversation between a father and son virtually over WhatsApp, the former is seen sharing what seems like tips or words of motivation during the half-time of his son’s important football match. Every time they converse, people around them vanish, thus cleverly informing users that the platform has features like end-to-end encryption, two-step verification and hidden online presence that enables the duo to express themselves freely despite being surrounded by crowds in a restaurant or a football stadium. While the jury is still out on the privacy promises of WhatsApp, the campaign is likely to strike the emotional chord of viewers. 

MEH Policybazaar - MagicCircle

Fintech platform Policybazaar's new campaign features popular Bollywood villians Gulshan Grover and Shakti Kapoor who are seen encouraging people to become heroes in real life and buy health insurance. The juxtaposition of Bollywood’s ‘bad men’ advising people to not turn into villains seems good on paper but doesn't really translate well onscreen. The ads are dry and the stars are seen basically mumbling the rehearsed script. The spots lack the much needed punch!

MAST Limca (Coca-Cola India) Agency: Ogilvy

With this new spot, Coca-Cola India has announced their first-ever brand extension for Limca into the hydrating sports drinks category. The new campaign that introduces Limca Sportz, has been conceptualised by Ogilvy. The fact that Olympic javelin champion Neeraj Chopra is the face of the campaign, adds a lot of weight to the spot. A sports star endorsing a sports drink that promises faster rehydration is a perfect match. A Simple and clean screenplay with direct messaging and no beating around the bush makes this 35 second spot a good watch.

MEH The Sleep Company  Agency: Anomalous

Anil Kapoor and Jhakkas! Really? Do younger millennials even get that reference? This new spot from The Sleep Company featuring Anil Kapoor who endorses the brand’s new mattress offering that uses SmartGRID technology, looks like caricature content. A young couple is seen complaining about the usual problems that people face after using memory foam such as backaches, difficulty in sleeping, etc. This is when Anil Kapoor jumps into the scene through a window and starts talking about the new product. This is how toothpastes were sold in the early 90s. Basically, this is a very last decade form of storytelling, that according to us, doesn’t work in the dynamic ad scene of present times. 

MAST  Goodfellows 

This spot narrates the brand message beautifully. True to its purpose, Goodfellows, a startup that provides companionship services to senior citizens, has detailed some harsh truths in subtle ways. An elderly woman is seen talking to someone about her day over a call. She said it was a good day because she got up at ease. We then see her apply a generous amount of Jai Kajal. If you are a boomer, a xennial, or a millennial, you would have definitely seen this green compact box of kohl on a dressing table at some point in your life. She then carries on with her routine - morning puja, a cup of adrak wali chai, a small walk at home, and a carrom session with herself, where she wishes for someone to keep her company. In the next scene, there is a young girl, a representative from Goodfellows, at the woman’s doorstep, who then gives her company in all her daily activities. They make chai together, take walks, laugh and play carrom together. The film ends with a beautiful line, companionship means different things to different people. It’s a gentle reminder to all of us to be around our elderly family members whenever we can because all they want is company. It’s the subtlety of the film that got us. 

MEH Sleepy Owl - Your Loss  Agency: In-House 

Seems like the team that worked on this campaign was highly caffeinated. In the multiple ad spots, the sleepy owl, twerks, lazes around and shops, after saying that it is the viewer’s loss if they haven’t picked up and consumed coffee from the company. The brand seems to be trying really hard to be irreverent. In one of the spots, the sleepy owl also mentions that nobody cares where the coffee beans come from. That hit the wrong nerve for many viewers. At a time when brands are vocal for local and sourcing sustainably matters, here’s a brand that promotes good produce but decides to take a different line of communication in its ads. The real sleep owl should return after a nap.

MAST Tinder -  We Need To Talk Creative Partners - Directed by Sonam Nair. Conceptualized in collaboration with The Script Room & Shivani Gairola

At a time when brands are scripting 30-second ad films to make their point loud and clear, here's a brand that took over 8 minutes and didn't rush to address an important topic. Tinder India's latest communication piece 'We Need To Talk' is insight-driven. According to a recent survey, 65 percent of young adults in India don’t know how to give consent, how to ask for it or how to withdraw consent when dating someone. In a country where talking about sex is taboo, the dating app wants adults to know all about consent. That's the first step to talking about things never discussed IRL (in real life). The film showcases different people and their take on consent through their life episodes. We swipe right on this ad.

First Published on Aug 31, 2022 10:35 AM