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Mast & Meh - This week’s round up of the best and worst ads

Watch Storyboard18’s picks of the best, bizarre and boring ads of this week in Mast & Meh. Find out why they made the cut or got cut.

By  Storyboard 18Jul 26, 2022 1:25 PM
Mast & Meh - This week’s round up of the best and worst ads
Ching’s Secret’s new film featuring Ranveer Singh has all the bells, whistles and star power but it's long. Oh so long. (Image: A still from Ching's ad film)

MAST Akzo Nobel India | Dulux Aquatech Agency - Mullen Lintas Not a paint job

Despite being a functional category, some paint brands have had a decent record of creating some memorable work, with ads and content. Dulux is attempting to do the same. This latest campaign is a sweet love story that seems straight out of old Bollywood. It’s innocent sprinkled with some humour. Watch the well-written and wholesome films. It gets a Mast watch from us.

MEH Redmi India – 10A Khali Tested Agency - DDB Mudra #GoForAnOriginalChoice

Remember when former WWE World champion, wrestler Dalip Singh Rana (aka Khali) told us of his woes about living in homes with walls made of cement that couldn’t handle his strength? Back then we laughed and felt Mast & Meh logosad for Khali when we watched him in that cement brand’s ad that became a 2015 hit. Seven years later, a smartphone brand is using Khali’s power to tell consumers that they have rock solid smartphones. To be honest, it is a bit meh. Tech influencers have done all sorts of extreme smartphone testing – from tying smartphones to balloons, freezing it, throwing it into hot water, cementing it - the experiments are endless, and more entertaining to watch than Khali sitting on the Redmi smart with weights. For something that has Original in the tagline, the spot is not very original.

MAST The Man Company - Papa Ko Dost Banao, Iss Father's Day Unhe Gale Lagao Agency - Hashtag Orange #GiftYourDadAHug

The Man Company’s ads never fail to impress. Be it the brand’s ‘Gentlemen tumhi toh yaar’ that showcased the ‘cool’, ‘kind’, ‘daring’, yet ‘humble’ side of men, or be its #ForAllKindsOfLove celebration, where it busts stereotypes on the definition of 'gentlemen'. #GiftYourDadAHug is another win for us. In the film, Ayushmann Khurrana, who is a chef and has won an ‘Award of Excellence', has an awkward, restrained, emotion-filled yet empathetic exchange of words with his father pleated by Piyush Mishra. This sets the tone of the ad film. As Mishra gets on to prepare an exotic dinner, the very duration from the stage of preparation to its final outcome begins to melt the awkwardness and restraint in words between the two, thus making space for ease and comfort. The film sees father and son bond over food where truly, Mishra stands out as the ‘Dad of the Year’. In all its realness, the commercial stresses the truth that the bond shared by a father with his son or daughter is low on words but high on emotion and action.

MEH The Moms Co - Sonam A Kapoor X The Moms Co Agency - In-house All that glitters doesn’t glow

Who doesn’t want glowing skin? We all do. Who doesn’t wish to come across a realistically convincing commercial that could make us be like ‘Would love to know more?' We all do. The Mom Co’s ad starring Sonam Kapoor did not make us go ‘I have to try this'. In the 19 second commercial that sees Kapoor suggest to her friend to use 'The Moms Co Natural Vitamin C face cream’, the introduction of the film sees the friend go with the usually said dialogue, “My skin is so dull”, in addition to the praise heaped on Kapoor “You are really glowing ya.” When will we move on to more realistic conversations around 'the skin type, the product would suit', 'how long-lasting would the product's effects on the skin be', and 'how crucial would maintaining a healthy diet go hand-in-hand along with its application?' Won't the spotlight on these questions actually bust the usually highlighted 'truth', "100% of the women who tried them saw clearer skin?"

MAST – Anupam ki shaadi Agency - Leo Burnett Shark out of the tank

Just when we were missing some Shark Tank masala, Anupam Mittal’s comes up with a new ad campaign ‘Anupam Ki Shaadi’ and wins our hearts. The campaign that celebrates the journey of the matrimonial platform has no extra drama or profound messaging in the ad. Just a simple story that is well told and that is the unique selling proposition of this campaign. The fact that Mittal himself stars in the campaign adds a personalized touch to the commercial. A personal story, a few flashbacks and an effervescent Anupam create the perfect mix for.

MEH Capital Foods – Ching’s Secret Made in India Agency: Rohit Shetty Made in India

Ching’s Secret’s new film featuring Ranveer Singh has all the bells, whistles and star power but it's long. Oh so long. The plot involves a dozen missing wives and a hero who saves them from a villain. It’s packed with typical Shetty fare - dialogues, action and effects but lacks actual impact. While it is in keeping with the brand’s big budget productions, we wonder why women in the commercial are mere damsels in distress that are kept in a makeshift kitchen in a warehouse? Perhaps it's time for a narrative upgrade?

MAST Tata Tea – Jaago Re to fight Climate Change Agency – Mullen Lintas A burning issue

How can you talk about one of the most defining crises of our times and yet not become preachy and boring? Tata Tea’s new campaign for World Environment Day (5 June) manages to deliver a powerful message on climate change in a simple yet effective way. As part of its “Jaago Re” series, the brand launches its latest clarion call aimed at spreading awareness and driving change on climate change. The ad features actor Pankaj Tripathi who is visibly irritated after his son increases the AC temperature and asks Tripathi to pay attention to how our small acts are impacting the environment in a big way. He urges him to “take action, to act now, do our bit everyday …lest it becomes too late to protect the future of our children.” The spot ends with a powerful yet relatable tagline “Garam sirf chai acchi lagti hai, planet nai”

MEH WOW Life Science – Daily detox ritual with Bebo Agency – In house Need a creativity ritual

Another celebrity ad with no personality or engaging storyline. The D2C beauty and wellness brand’s latest digital video commercial with brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan where she answers a bunch of questions by the faceless interviewer behind the camera. Khan is seen preparing a detox drink in her kitchen using the brand’s organic Apple Cider Vinegar as the interviewer goes on asking questions about fitness and motherhood. The ad ends up pushing the product too hard when it could have been pushing the envelope of creativity.

MAST – Special Mention Fogg - Elephant Agency - The Womb Addressing The Elephant In The Room

This spot is a year old but it popped up on our screens while another deodorant brand outraged us with its ad that appeared to make a reference to sexual violence. In this particular PSA, Fogg is reminding viewers to mask up because Coronavirus is still in the air. In the film we see complete chaos as people suddenly start masking up when they see an elephant in close proximity. The use of a real elephant to address the elephant in the room is attention grabbing. Though this spot is a year old, it’s apt for the times we live in.

First Published on Jun 12, 2022 2:22 PM