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The ChatGPT impact: Should marketers and copywriters be worried?

Seasoned creative professional Prathap Suthan writes on what agency life and marketers’ briefs will look like in the ChatGPT era.

By  Prathap SuthanJan 18, 2023 12:22 PM
The ChatGPT impact: Should marketers and copywriters be worried?
(Representational Image: Omar Flores via Unsplash)

With ChatGPT and its inevitable future, the overall chatter seems to suggest extinction time for creatives.

Copywriters in particular.

I have no issues being relegated to a dodo. Or woolly mammoth.

I’d happily spend my time writing pieces like this, a snapshot into AI future.

Someone needs to keep the party going.

For now, imagine this average bully of a client keying in a brief.

I know he isn’t used to that, but let’s assume he is inspired to write one.

While he feeds in relevant data and info, the AI bot could well reject his brief.

It just might tell him that it’s insipid. Or lousy. Or use stronger words.

Cold bots don’t fear clients. They will ruthlessly deliver truth.


As the client can’t sack the company approved bot, his regular level of intimidation won’t work.

Soon, after repeated rejection, the bot will eventually accept his brief.

And almost instantly, even before his fingers leave the keyboard, the bot will respond with options.

It could be just a headline. Or a film. Or a 10 episode show built around the client ask.

All neatly laid out, logical, all boxes ticked. Minus typos and other errors.

Shocked as he is, his reptilian client DNA awakens.

It’s vendetta time. He licks his chops. Revenge is a beautiful pacifier.

He will instinctively do what clients do best.

Reject! Reject! Reject!

With all his self-importance, he will gun out his disdain. No, I don’t like this line. I don’t like the idea. This is all terrible. I want more!

Without arguing, the bot will cheerfully respond. In 2 seconds.

The speed infuriates him. He hasn’t even read the first response.

He will reject again. And more options will spew out. He will keep rejecting on auto pilot. But the bot will keep on writing.

Until he is ready to tear out his medulla from his oblongata.

The bot has no human frailties. It will keep responding. No toxicity, no frustration.

It cannot be yelled into submission. Its only role is to satisfy and satiate.

In half an hour, he will have enough ideas to fill his office. He will be struggling to choose. Annoyed, disappointed, and terrified.

He’s been reduced to insignificance. His domain over human copywriters have ended. He has been defanged.

I mean, his entire life was dedicated to berating and belittling his creative team.

There was joy in threatening the agency minions.

He was king. Ruler of one square post. Dada Amin of the moment.

Not any more.

Now he can’t even change his mind. Or blame the bot. Or say that the bot got the brief wrong.

No escape. This isn’t good.

Which is exactly when an email pops in from his HR app. He opens it and reads.

Mr. Blah, you’ve been flagged by the copy bot. Your inefficiency is appalling. Your F&F has been credited. Today is your last day. Thank you for your service.

PS. Your replacement, the client bot, takes over immediately.

The End.

Prathap Suthan is co-founder and CCO, Bang In The Middle. Views are personal.

First Published on Jan 18, 2023 12:15 PM