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Storyboard18 x MC Insider: Culinary must-haves, celebrity tantrums, cryptic ads and more

Your regular fix of sizzling hot gossip from adland.

By  Storyboard18Nov 18, 2022 9:06 AM
Storyboard18 x MC Insider: Culinary must-haves, celebrity tantrums, cryptic ads and more
Catch all the inside industry stories and hot gossip on Storyboard18 and MC Insider on Moneycontrol. (Representational image via Unsplash)

From whispers in agency corridors and pitch-room chatter to what's buzzing on clients' side, we've got the overheard and untold stories of the advertising industry and its people.

Cinderella’s Shoes

A “B-list” celebrity created a ruckus during an ad shoot of a personal care brand recently that got everyone shaking their heads. The celeb fell in love with the shoes that she wore in the film and said she plans to keep it for herself. The brand team had to return it because the costumes were hired from a designer. The celebrity didn’t budge. Insiders tell us that the marketing team of the brand went late at night to look for a similar pair of shoes and requested a high-end store to open shutters. The brand team reached the sets on time because we heard she happily wore them and flew to another country right after that.

One Man’s Pain…

It seems some in the ad fraternity are secretly rejoicing the fact that a certain famous, can’t-do-any-wrong agency had a pretty big flop recently. The said company’s campaign for an old client it has delivered many hits for was panned by a fairly large section of audiences and marketers. Pettiness like egos in the ad business only gets bigger with time, we suppose.

Cryptic Advertising

Smaller crypto brands are looking at simpler ways to advertise. A bunch of them are releasing low-budget films to target various sub-communities like technical writers, coders, and others on social media. The films that are targeted at these groups seem cryptic. However, these are a big hit within the crypto circle. A close associate of one such brand tells us that the company, recently, paid about just Rs 6 lakh, end-to-end, for one such film.

Caterer in Demand

A Mumbai-based caterer is in high demand. We hear a few celebrities are throwing tantrums to get this caterer on board while they are on ad shoots. This is not just for them but also for their teams. Insiders tell us that this South Indian caterer has also increased his rates to suit the raising demand. Usually, production houses have tie-ups with their own set of vendors. However, we hear that this caterer likes to deal with the client directly.

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First Published on Nov 18, 2022 9:06 AM