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62 percent rise in conversations around finance: Twitter trends report

Concepts like decentralised finance and digital assets have entered pop culture. NFT + Bollywood, Bollycoin, and Beyond Life have emerged as top topics.

By  Storyboard18Aug 31, 2022 5:37 PM
62 percent rise in conversations around finance: Twitter trends report
Conversations around female entrepreneurship have increased by 269 percent year-on-year. (Representational image: Chris Davis via Unsplash)

The 2022 Twitter Trends India report, based on analysis of billions of Tweets from Jan 2020 – Dec 2021, found the three biggest movements emerging to the top of conversation: Finance Goes Social, Fan-build Worlds, and Entrepreneurship Hits Peak Culture.

Finance Goes Social

In India, which is still at a nascent stage when it comes to investing or trading online, conversations around finance have shot up by 62 percent, where communities of experts and regular folks are joining forces to share their knowledge on finance. This has led to a 185 percent increase in discussions surrounding financial literacy. The conversations centre around seeking or giving advice, encouraging each other to invest, and in the process learn more about all things related to finance.

Traditional and new-age companies are also interacting with those who want to get involved in understanding finance. Conversations on money have also evolved. Concepts like decentralised finance (hello, crypto!) and digital assets have entered pop culture. And, NFT + Bollywood, Bollycoin, and Beyond Life have emerged as topics to watch out for.

Conversations around investments have also become common on the microblogging platform where people are curious about digital currencies and the potential of Web 3.0. They are looking further to understand the intricacies of crypto and decentralised finance.

The report states that the entertainment industry, too, has interest in this space with the example of film composer AR Rahman, who embraced NFTs. Also, there has been the rise of finfluencers who tweet about their financial journey, educating the general public on markets and investments at the same time.

Fan-build Worlds

Speaking of Fan-build Worlds, the report stated that discussions around fandom increased by 47 percent where fan clubs are taking charge of conversations to create worlds they want to be a part of. 55 percent are taking ownership of passions like #CricketTwitter, and 35 percent are building complex worlds like #DCFanDome.

The emerging topics that have surfaced on the platform are Cosplay, Marvel Fans, LARP and #DCFanDome. In the case of Cosplay and LARPing (Live Action Role Play), the communities use the platform to share their passion and experiences online after meet-ups and conventions.

With the rise of local streaming platforms, more diverse content is being shared and niche sub-cultures are being talked about. Discussions about Kollywood (Tamil film industry) have grown by 15 percent over the past year. This comes in the wake of India tasting diversity away from national cinema and regional voices emerging to support one another and find their tribe.

Entrepreneurship Hits Peak Culture

Presently, India is the third largest unicorn ecosystem in the world. As the report stresses on Entrepreneurship Hits Peak Culture, enthusiasts took to Twitter to discuss all things related to startups. #StartUpTwitter has seen growth, and a 22 percent increase in discussions around entrepreneurship in the year 2021. Also, founders are building communities along with their own personal brands.

Memes like #PeakBengaluru and #SharkTankIndiaMemes have brought more people into the fold on the platform. The topics that have emerged on the platform are collaborative platforms, app creation, creators becoming founders, startup programmes and monetization tools.

A 40 percent increase has been witnessed among women who are joining the conversation, where the talk around female entrepreneurship went up by 269 percent year-on-year.

First Published on Aug 31, 2022 8:17 AM