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Bulk Deals

Get a list of bulk deals reported to the BSE and NSE at the end of the day by the members. You can view the company name as well as the client for whom the deal was done. This enables you to see who is buying and who is selling stocks. You also get the rate and quantity of the bulk deal.

Bulk Deals on :
Date Company Client Trans Quantity Price
  Traded Closed
10-Jul-2020 7NR Retail ALPHA LEON ENTERPRISES LLP Sell 85000 12.94 12.57
10-Jul-2020 CBPL DEEPA CHETAN SANGANI Sell 108000 48.00 48.00
10-Jul-2020 CBPL MEHULBHAI RAMESHCHANDRA SAGAR Buy 50000 48.00 48.00
10-Jul-2020 CBPL TWISHA PRATISHBHAI CHHATRAPATI Buy 60000 48.00 48.00
10-Jul-2020 Ganga Papers BHARATI VIJAY BHANDARI Buy 98995 22.05 22.05
10-Jul-2020 Novateor Labs POCHAMREDDY HANUMANTH REDDY Sell 30000 4.32 4.32
10-Jul-2020 RRIL NUTAN DEALERS PRIVATE LIMITED Sell 550000 1.51 1.52
10-Jul-2020 Syncom Health PRATIK BANKDA Sell 2638153 2.69 2.69
10-Jul-2020 Syncom Health VISHWAMURTE TRAD INVEST PE LTD Buy 203200 2.69 2.69
10-Jul-2020 Syncom Health SAUMIL ARVINDBHAI BHAVNAGARI Buy 2400000 2.69 2.69
10-Jul-2020 THINKINK PICTUR KOMAL VAGHAJI CHAUHAN Buy 175600 34.05 34.05
10-Jul-2020 Tranway HITESH MOHANBHAI PATEL Buy 110000 9.42 9.41
10-Jul-2020 Tulive Develop CNC REALTY PRIVATE LTD Sell 18433 232.00 232.00
10-Jul-2020 Tulive Develop MEENAL BHANDARI Buy 18433 232.00 232.00