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Bulk Deals

Get a list of bulk deals reported to the BSE and NSE at the end of the day by the members. You can view the company name as well as the client for whom the deal was done. This enables you to see who is buying and who is selling stocks. You also get the rate and quantity of the bulk deal.

Bulk Deals on :
Date Company Client Trans Quantity Price
  Traded Closed
09-Apr-2020 Pricol UNO METALS LIMITED Buy 650000 42.02 42.00
09-Apr-2020 Rajkumar Forge DEVENDRA KHOIYA Buy 72360 18.21 19.90
09-Apr-2020 Rajkumar Forge DEVENDRA KHOIYA Sell 72360 19.88 19.90
09-Apr-2020 RO Jewels NIMIT JAYENDRA SHAH Buy 15000 35.90 35.90
09-Apr-2020 Sequent Scienti INFINITY HOLDINGS Buy 10000000 78.01 78.80
09-Apr-2020 Sequent Scienti TIMF HOLDINGS Sell 7500000 78.00 78.80
09-Apr-2020 Sequent Scienti CVR ENTERPRISE LLP Sell 2519241 78.00 78.80
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