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Cash Conversion Cycle

This tool will give you number of days in which company’s inventory and outstanding amounts are converted in cash at hand. This is a numerical value drawn through a formula. You will need to input data of inventory value, outstanding payments etc and a value will be generated. MSMEs / SMEs can compare this number on a month-on-month basis and monitor the health of their business. This is an important indicator to track and monitor. It denotes the health of your business.

Minimize your risks. Do a regular HEALTH-CHECK UP of your business. Track important indicators. Use the moneycontrol CASH CONVERSION CYCLE tool.

Select evaluation period

Month Quarter Annual Customized

Amount receivable from customers


Amount collected in this period


Amount payable to suppliers


Purchases made in this period


Cost of average inventory


Cost of goods sold in this period


Your Cash Conversion Cycle is: 4 days


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