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Tata AIA Life Insurance
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One-stop shop for all your GST needs

Simple and hassle-free GST filing & Business Digitization Solutions for SMEs

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Customer Management

Helps you migrate your business from a worksheet to an online world. Upload your customers into the platform. Update and manage this data in real time. Easybiz helps you clean your customer data and keep it relevant.

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Use feature rich invoicing that allows you to customize fields, set rules for invoices and create digitally payable GST friendly invoices. You can now invoice customers individually or in bulk.

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Online Collections

Using the Easybiz platform, you can collect payments directly into your bank account. Just complete the necessary KYC to get your payment gateway enabled.

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Payment Reconciliation

Now manage & reconcile collections received via online and offline channels on the Easybiz platform. Get extensive reports that help you summarize your business in a single window. Create reports that can be easily exported into other accounting software.

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Payment Reminders

Reduce your outstanding by sending out regular payment reminders and notifications to clients.

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GST Filing

With all your receivables data on the platform, now you can file your GST returns from within the Easybiz tool.

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How Easybiz works
GST Calculator

Our GST Health Check tool gives you a one click view of your vendor’s GST compliance details. You can get the taxpayer’s GSTIN details as well as the Taxpayer’s GSTIN Return Status.

Just put in a valid GST Number to fetch these details

GST number *

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How to file GST
How to file GST