Health Caveat for Entrepreneurs

The latest diabetic statistics is ringing alarm bells especially for India. In 1995, India had 19.4 million diabetics. Within 19 years, that number had more than tripled to 66.8 million in 2014, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). And 77 million Indians are currently believed to be pre-diabetic, according to the Indian Council of Medical Research.

Are we then doing enough to prevent it? This is something every one of us must ask ourselves. Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder which can be controlled with healthy lifestyle habits.

What are healthy lifestyle habits? Simply eating a timely balanced healthy food, maintaining a healthy body weight or BMI (Body Mass Index), getting quality sleep, regular exercises, managing stress and staying positive and emotionally balanced – is this undoable? Not really. But most of us struggle to make this happen with various excuses, at the cost of putting our health at risk.

The most affected: Young entrepreneurs in pursuit of their dreams suffer from an erratic lifestyle and associated health problems. As a cardiologist I have seen several youngsters, mostly entrepreneurs come to me to address cardiovascular problems which are linked to diabetes and lifestyle habits.

Endless meetings, project deadlines, phone calls, client visits and what have you - 24-hrs seems very little in a day. With undivided focus on your work, you may climb up 5 steps in your career or business, but could fall down 10 steps in your health. Is that worth at all? By the time you realize, you’ve damaged your health 80 %. Before you know, the scene is reversed. Your health becomes your focus and your career takes a back seat.

Here are five dos and don’ts for busy entrepreneurs to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay miles away from uncalled for diseases like diabetes and other health disorders.

1. Do’s - Mind you’re eating! Eat on time. Stock up healthy food.  Carry a fruit, a healthy light meal for lunch, fiber filled snack including nuts and dry fruits and some green salad, to grab a bite while at work. Drink plenty of water to clean up your system. For that energizer, you need most - go for a cup or two of green tea filled with antioxidants. This keeps your metabolism on the up and also keeps you sharp at work.

Don’ts - Never skip your breakfast, or for that matter any meal. Never eat fried, oily or processed foods, cream and butter filled bakery stuff as an alternative meal. You may enjoy that food for the time being, but can prove costly on your health in the long run. Avoid sugary beverages. It can give you an instant kick, but not health.

2. Do’s - Maintain your weight! Eating right, is half the battle fought, to maintain a healthy weight. Make sure you check your weight once a week. Get your BMI right (for your height and weight) and make sure you are on track, because overweight leads to several health disorders over time.

Don’ts - Eating late night heavy dinner is a complete no. Sedentary lifestyle, sitting hours in front of the computer staring at the screen can affect your eyes and lead to obesity. Unhealthy snacks, odd time meals, fast food and sedentary life style can destroy your metabolism, and harm the body in the long run.

3. Do’s - Exercising is vital to stay healthy but also what is most neglected. Getting glued to your chair 8-10 hrs a day has become the norm for most desk job pros. Take a break every hour for 5-10 minutes, or walk while on the call, this can help your body a great deal. Exercising releases endorphins which help you deal with stress better. Staying physically active through the day is a must.

Don’ts - Never give exercises a skip in your daily routine. Sitting continuously for long hours can deplete the functioning of your organs and your metabolism. It can lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity and colon cancer. It’s like abusing your body.

4. Do’s - Get a Periodic Health Checkup Done. Never ignore any symptoms or nagging discomfort in any part of your body. Neglecting leads to complications over time. Attend to it immediately, as it may slip into some serious disorder. If paucity of time is your concern to see a doctor, you can opt for an online platform such as DesiMD Healthcare, where you can just call and ask the doctor for advice on the appropriate Health Checkup you need to get done. Based on your age and health history, you will be advised and guided

Considering Active Health Management (AHM) services from DesiMD is also a good option to keep a check on your health constantly, for which you may have no time. AHM service frees you from the stress and fear of any lurking health problems, as you can access the doctor online 24/7, all-year-round, to check on any health problems you may have. Also, you can get timely advice and guidance on medication, diet, fitness and get vital parameters checked – all at a nominal fee.

Simply put, it takes away your stress from health and time hassles and helps you concentrate on your work better.

Don’ts - Do not wait for any health problem to fester and become serious, when it is difficult to manage, in terms of time, money and effort. Maintaining health is one thing and, if neglected, addressing it on time, is another caveat.

5. Do’s - Get Quality Sleep - A good night’s sleep of 6-8 hrs works wonders for your health. It gives good rest to the body to take on another hectic day. Lack of sleep is linked to several health disorders including cardiovascular problems. Switch off all your blinking gadgets and keep them out of your bedroom, an hour before you sleep. A good shower, and meditation before going to bed can calm your mind and help you have a restful sleep.

Don’ts - Do not keep your laptop and phones on in your bedroom. Don’t watch TV before going to bed. A restless or a sleepless night can stress your heart and brain and affect them over time. Insufficient sleep can dampen your spirits, leaving you feeling lethargic and drained out, affecting your health and work.

This is no rocket science, all it needs is disciplining your lifestyle to enjoy life better rather than suffer.

Authored by Ajay Tripuraneni, Cardiologist and CEO DesiMD Healthcare Pvt. Ltd