'Deliver innovative & accelerated solutions to clients'

Ashwin Mittal - President, Blueocean Market Intelligence.

Though the road to success has not been simple or easy for Blueocean Market Intelligence, their key focus remained on making smart, long term decisions and investments in top people, technologies, and innovations.

Ashwin Mittal, President, Blueocean Market Intelligence, who leads the market intelligence and analytics service sectors of Blueocean, as well as the marketing services outsourcing business of Cross-Tab  believes in delivering innovative and accelerated solutions to clients and this he is doing through building certain key blocks of IP that address gaps that exist in the market.

Blueocean Market Intelligence has become one of the key players in this global industry and has scaled up rapidly from a small team of 10 in 2004 to over a 1000 people today. 

This serial entrepreneur, with deep expertise in knowledge process management and structuring client engagements for success shares his exciting journey, where he talks about how with the onset of the data and information revolution, every global corporation is looking to leverage data for competitive advantage and is looking to identify key partners who can help them in this journey.

“The Mittal Group’s journey commenced with real estate, becoming one of the key players of the industry. However, in early 2001, I had returned to India and I was keen on directing the company to new shores. This is when I began exploring the outsourcing vertical. Basis research, I realized that over the last decade alone, India has matured as the preferred outsourcing destination due to cost savings, operational efficiencies, access to a highly talented workforce and improved quality. Analytics outsourcing in India has had rapid growth and is expected to reach $1.15 billion in 2015 from $375 million in 2010 as per Avendus Capital report.

I decided to get involved with Cross-Tab through an investment in the company, sometime in 2003. Over the years, Cross Tab has managed to make an effortless transition from a start-up to a leading market research operations and analytics player. It was a learning curve for each one of us. Today, we have created sophisticated processes and systems, grew infrastructure and successfully positioned ourselves in the global market for high-margin business opportunities.

In 2008, Blueocean Market Intelligence, was founded to move the Cross-Tab organization to the next level and service Fortune 500 client organizations. Today, Blueocean Market Intelligence is a leading analytics and insights player that helps global clients make data-driven sales and marketing decisions. Presently, apart from overlooking the company business at Cross-Tab, I am also responsible for the process functioning at Blueocean Market Intelligence.

Our global team includes 50 people in the US spread across 8 cities with the head office in Seattle, 10 in other global locations like the UK, Saudi and UAE and about a 1000 in India split across Mumbai and Bangalore. Our team is a diverse and talented mix of leading talent including data scientists, engineers, MBA’s and industry analysts.

We have shifted focus to Product Development, in the last couple of years and have been in the process of launching large-scale products for both domestic and global markets.

Another milestone that we have crossed includes the recent acquiring of Cognicient, a UK based player with complementary IP for 360 data integration and analytics. Acquisitions, I believe, are meant to gather technology assets which not only enhance our value to our clients but also assist us in moving into new industries, in the long run. For example, Cognicient has also provided us the firm base in the UK market where we anticipate significant growth in the coming years.