4 technologies that will impact manufacturing

Industry pundits believe that the role of technology in enhancing competitiveness of the manufacturing sector and SMEs will increase in the days to come. Having said that, it is imperative to have a know-how about the key technologies that will influence global manufacturing and augment productivity in the forthcoming years. The manufacturing technologies are also vital to gain global competitiveness in terms of innovation, cost and quality. The key tech trends that will impact the manufacturing terrain in the upcoming years are additive manufacturing, robotics and automation, digital manufacturing and mobile technologies.

According to a survey conducted by CII and Boston Consulting Group, 72% of manufacturing executives said they would be heavily investing in advanced manufacturing technologies in the next five years. In the upcoming years, manufacturing companies look forward to increasing the use of more technology tools to gain competitive sustainable advantages, increased innovative capability and shorter product development cycle. Having said that, many experts feel that companies need to judiciously look at improving the current technology processes in the manufacturing domain in terms of quality, speed and safety. The government, which is taking sincere efforts in pushing India as a global manufacturing hub through its Make in India initiative, can play a more important role by providing a conducive environment and support to the manufacturing companies.