'If technology is available, India can go beyond INDCs'

Ahead of the Paris climate change summit, India said technology must provided to all countries without barriers even as it blamed the "historical cumulative" emissions of the last 150 years for the rise in global temperature at present.

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said that India is not part of the problem but will be part of the solutions and hoped that a solution will be reached during the Paris climate summit. He said sharing of technology at affordable cost and compensating the companies through Green Climate Fund (GCF) are ideas which India has put on the table which the world is discussing.

"Technology must come to all those who want to use to make the earth better without barriers," Javadekar said at a national seminar in the run up to the Conference of Parties (CoP21) in Paris. Noting that the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) can be achieved with partnership of all stakeholders, Javadekar said that once the needed technological cooperation is in place, INDCs can undoubtedly be achieved and India can go even beyond that. "In the last few years, we (India) decided to offer IPR- free low-cost medicines to fight HIV AIDS.

But this climate change is a much more serious threat than HIV AIDS. "Then why to profit from disaster? Sharing of IPR technology at affordable cost and compensating the companies through GCF are ideas we have put on the table and the world is discussing. I think from Paris, some solution will come," he said.

He said "India is not part of the problem. If today the world is experiencing 0.8 degrees celcius temperature rise, it's the historical cumulative emissions of 150 years which is the cause of it. In that, we (India) are just 3 per cent.

"So, we are not part of the problem. Our Prime Minister says though we are not part of the problem, we will be part of the solution and we will lead by example," he said.