5 tips to keep buyers coming back

Enticing new, potential consumers is imperative, but equally important, and less expensive, is keeping established buyers satisfied and loyal. Forrester, a research and advisory firm focusing on technology and business trends, found that it costs five times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones. So make sure to show gratitude and maintain a positive relationship with existing buyers.

Show customer appreciation by:

• Thanking
• Teaching
• Spotlighting
• Implementing Suggestions
• Giving Insider Information


Everyone appreciates being recognized and valued. Whether sending an individualized email (or card) or posting an overall “thank you” message or video on social media, be sure to thank customers. If a video is created, also publish it on video-sharing websites, like YouTube, and in newsletters. Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and milestones are all excellent opportunities to thank buyers.


Teach shoppers valuable information about the industry and how to make the most out of your products or services. If selling hiking gear, for example, explain different terrain, the equipment that works best for various types of climate or alert users to hazardous locations that should be avoided at that time, such as a park near a forest fire. Use social media posts, blogs, webinars and whitepapers to help readers learn more.


Make shoppers feel special by featuring them. One of the most popular ways in which brands fulfill this objective is to change either their cover photo or profile picture on Facebook to highlight their “Fan of the Month.” Through a quick 140-character tweet, a picture or an entire featured article, spotlight one buyer at a time.

Implementing Suggestions

Customers feel valued when their ideas are actually implemented. Starbucks allows its shoppers to give feedback through their platform “My Starbucks Idea.” Here, Starbucks collects new ideas and improvement suggestions from its consumers. Other users are encouraged to vote for their favorite initiatives, and then Starbucks executes the most popular ideas. Another option is to provide a comment box below your brand’s blog posts so that readers can list other topics they would like covered; then provide blog posts on those subjects in the future.

Giving Insider Information

Give current buyers exclusive information or deals. Email your consumer database coupons or offer a sneak peak of a product or service coming soon via social media, only allowing those who follow your brand to see. Mobile apps can streamline this process by allowing users who have downloaded the application to receive free credit or cash-back rewards.

Studies conducted by Marketing Metrics found that the probability of selling to a new prospect is only 5-20 percent, but the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70 percent. So actively appreciate and nurture relationships with established shoppers.

Authored by Phillip Thune, Chief Executive Officer, Textbroker