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India’s Biggest Vaccination Drive #LagayaKya

With every COVID-19 vaccination, we ensure the survival of all Indians and the revival of our country. It’s time to protect each other and ourselves.


Our collective health depends on the success of our vaccination drive

Network18 Sanjeevani – A Shot Of Life, a CSR initiative by Federal Bank, aims to create awareness around Covid-19 vaccinations and mobilize efforts to ensure that every Indian is vaccinated. Our campaign will collaborate with NGOs, Government agencies and influencers to spread information and bust myths surrounding the vaccine, while enlisting donors to gift vaccines to the most deprived and worst affected Indians.

It’s time to join the movement and raise your voice for India’s health and well-being. Because no one is safe, unless everyone is safe.


From Attari to Dakshina Kannada, our Sanjeevani Gaadi takes the campaign for vaccination on the road.

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Onground Outreach in Districts By United Way Mumbai


  • Health enquiries - 39379
  • Vaccine registrations - 38963
  • Vaccine transportation - 23245
  • Vaccine centres - 47
  • Mass outreach - 144454


  • Health enquiries - 34619
  • Vaccine registrations - 18720
  • Vaccine transportation - 0
  • Vaccine centres - 40
  • Mass outreach - 155851
    Madhya Pradesh


  • Health enquiries - 23510
  • Vaccine registrations - 17015
  • Vaccine transportation - 20524
  • Vaccine centres - 20
  • Mass outreach - 135833
    Andhra Pradesh


  • Health enquiries - 27930
  • Vaccine registrations - 25065
  • Vaccine transportation - 23323
  • Vaccine centres - 35
  • Mass outreach - 121554


  • Health enquiries - 26567
  • Vaccine registrations - 22936
  • Vaccine transportation - 18306
  • Vaccine centres - 20
  • Mass outreach - 118906
    Pigdambar Harnya Khedi INDORE
    Sangameshwar Jalgaon Nimbait NASHIK
    Ellamanda Mulakalur GUNTUR


Nashik’s 108 Helpline - Ashfaq Sheik |Sanjeevani|

‘No Vaccine – No Purchase’ policy in Burhanpur

24 villages in Bastar to avoid COVID-19 through vaccination

Tribals in Orissa are being informed about vaccines |Sanjeevani|

Students in Una must get vaccinated before examination

Sanjeevani in MP

Telangana is pioneering the use of drones to deliver medical supplies

India’s largest COVID-19 vaccine awareness drive in Kerala

Mumbai Mosque is an example of communal harmony

SanjeevaniGaadi is turning the tide in favor of health in Dakshin Kannada

Mr.Ranga Rao about Vaccination

Vishal Gunni makes a special appeal

Thank you, Doctors!

Vaccine Hesitancy in Dakshina Kannada

Sanjeevani Vaccination Drive in Lucknow

Vaccination Drive at Amritsar Apollo Hospitals

India Sings A New Anthem Of Health SanjeevaniAnthem | News18 Kannada

Kashmir Vaccination Drive

Vaccination camp for Differently Abled

Shankar M talks about Sanjeevani

Sanjeevani- A Shot Of Life : , Corona !

Coronavirus News18 Sanjeevani | News18 MP

sanjeevani photogallery


Covid-19 Vaccine Awareness Drive: Spreading the Message of Health, Immunity


Covid-19 Vaccine Awareness Drive: Spreading the Message of Health, Immunity

India’s First Ever Telethon On Vaccine Awareness Marks The Spectacular Grand Finale Of Sanjeevani

Sara Ali Khan Salutes Covid Warriors On Sanjeevani Telethon

India’s Vaccination Report Card Revealed On Sanjeevani Telethon

Will Booster Dose Mark The Next Phase Of Vaccination Journey In India?

From Inhospitable Landscapes to Nomadic Communities, Vaccine Awareness Reached Indian Hinterland Through Sanjeevani

Global report identifies 55 Indian companies with potential to make mRNA vaccine

Sputnik V, Sputnik Light booster effective against Omicron: RDIF

Union Health Minister, Mansukh Mandaviya lauded India’s Largest Private Vaccination Drive On Sanjeevani Telethon

India’s Largest Vaccine Awareness Campaign Prepares For A Grand Convergence

From Inhospitable Landscapes to Nomadic Communities, Vaccine Awareness Reached Indian Hinterland Through Sanjeevani

A Sneak Peek Into India's One billion Vaccination Journey

With Fresh Ideas & New Initiatives, India’s Largest Immunisation Campaign Drives Vaccine Uptake

Sanjeevani Telethon - A grand finale to culminate Phase 1 of a successful campaign

A Sneak Peek Into India's One billion Vaccination Journey

Beating All The Odds, Sanjeevani Champions Have Steered India’s Largest Vaccination Drive

Amid Rising Threat Of Omicron, Full Immunisation Takes Centre Stage

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 73.62 lakh jabs given on December 7

With ‘Poora Tika Laga’, Sanjeevani Once Again Picks The Baton To Fight Against COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 79.39 lakh jabs given on December 6

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 24.55 lakh jabs given on December 5

Network18 and Federal Bank to host telethon to Celebrate Journey of India’s Largest Vaccination Drive

India's New COVID-19 Vaccine Milestone: 50% eligible population fully vaccinated

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 1 crore jabs given on December 4

‘Night vaccination’ drive arranged in Maoist den for those who miss out in day

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 73.63 lakh jabs given on December 3

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 80.98 lakh jabs given on November 30

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 78.8 lakh jabs given on November 29

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 82.86 lakh jabs given on November 27

Towards a Greener, Cleaner and Safer India

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 73.58 lakh jabs given on November 26

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 83.88 lakh jabs given on November 25

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 90.27 lakh jabs given on November 24

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 76.58 lakh jabs on November 23

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 71.92 lakh jabs on November 22

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 72.94 lakh jabs administered on November 18

COVID-19 Vaccine Update: New Zealand recognises Covaxin, Covishield

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 67.82 lakh jabs on November 16

India records 8,865 fresh COVID-19 cases, lowest in 287 days

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 59.75 lakh jabs on November 15

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 30.2 lakh jabs on November 14

Anti-COVID-19 pill: Sun Pharma plans India launch, waits for DCGI approval

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 53.81 lakh jabs on November 11

COVID-19 vaccination: States, UTs to prepare plan to complete 1st dose

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 57.54 lakh jabs on November 10

96 countries have agreed to mutual acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination certificates with India: Mansukh Mandaviya

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 52.69 lakh jabs on November 9

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 59.08 lakh jabs on November 8

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Over 23.84 lakh jabs given in India on November 7

What The Reopening Of Schools Means For India’s Health & Safety



Efficacy of Sputnik V

India now has a third vaccine as Russian Vaccine Sputnik V has been approved by DGCI for emergency usage in India.

Does India now have a third vaccine?

Russian vaccine, Sputnik V has been approved by the Drug Controller General of India for emergency use on Tuesday 13th April.

Do your kids need a vaccine?

The current phase of vaccination is focused on adults above 45+ who're prone to complications.

Covishield or Covaxin, which vaccine is better?

Both Covishield and Covaxin have been deemed safe for usage in India. What you get depends on the availability at the centre.

Why should you wear a mask while talking to people?

Wearing a mask ‘properly’ is the utmost important to contain the spread of Covid-19. Make sure you wear a mask when stepping out.



Source: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India

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