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Dear User,
Are you looking to test a strategy before you risk your hard-earned cash?
Do log on to India's largest and best online trading simulation game, which allows you to experience the thrills of investing with no risk. It is an educational and challenging stock trading game used by thousands of investors to sharpen their trading skills, and make better decisions!
 You can practice and master your trading skills in a simulated environment
 It teaches discipline, risk and money management
 It is also an educational tool, because you learn and create your own style of trading.
Play everyday, it will be a fun and profitable adventure

5 simple tips to stay ahead in the Moneybhai game
  1. Login everyday to your Moneybhai account. To be eligible for the Moneybhai prize money it is mandatory that you log in to your account at least once a day
  2. Focus on getting a higher portfolio value in a stock market game. There’s lot of the fun in competition. So always remember - You have to take a lot of risk to win.
  3. Make sure you invest all, or almost all, of your virtual money. Cash can't match the return available in the market, so don't leave your money in cash balances.
  4. Follow the leader – A surefire way of staying ahead in the game is to closely monitor the leader’s portfolio and follow the winning strategy.
  5. If nothing else works you can always save face by resetting your portfolio back to your original corpus of Rs 25 lacs. This way you won’t lose by a big margin.

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