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Does everybody who has a demat account invest in the stock market?

The answer is No. Why?
Trading and Investing essentially involves some amount of risk, hence the number of people who are getting involved in this risky affair is less when compared to the rate at which markets in India are growing. People therefore hesitate to take the first step towards investments, fearing the results. This uncertainty is due to lack of information and understanding of investment basics. Observing the on-going market trends and learning the fundamentals of investment will definitely enable one to be a successful investor.

Recognizing this need for people to be aware and understand the basics, CNBC AWAAZ, India’s leading consumer and business channel, in association with NSDL (National Securities Depository Ltd.) and NSE (National Stock Exchange) presents Pehla Kadam: an initiative that will focus on giving basic information, guiding and educating first time investors on the hows and whys of investment. It would be a one-stop destination that will provide solutions to all the dilemmas every new investor one faces at the start of any investment.

The Pehla Kadam initiative will make sure that everyone is well informed on every aspect of investment. This series is especially tailor-made for all those who want to climb the ladder step-by-step, right from no investments to first investment.

Tune into the Pehla Kadam television show on Awaaz only on:

Saturday - 1230 PM, 7 PM
Sunday 630 PM

We welcome you on board Pehla Kadam. Please do go through all the relevant information and start by getting used to our virtual online stock trading module: Moneybhai (educational version without cash prizes)

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