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Denial ain't just a river in Egypt: Trump has never accepted climate change

Donald Trump has always been skeptical of the concept of climate change and other prominent Republican leaders have endorsed similar views.

While world’s leading nations are focusing on rolling out environmental policies to combat climate change, United States President Donald Trump has decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

The 2016 Agreement had united around 150 countries to adopt measures in order to slow down global warming and resist climate change.

Trump's resistance to the idea of climate change isn't new. Here's a history.

Science vs Trump

In the Hugh Hewitt show in 2015, Trump declared that he was not a believer in man-made global warming. He confused climate change with erratic weather and said, “I believe there’s weather. I believe there’s change, and I believe it goes up and it goes down, and it goes up again.”

What he did appear to get confused with is very lucidly explained by the NASA's website on climate change. “The terms 'weather' and 'climate' are sometimes confused, though they refer to events with broadly different spatial- and timescales.”

“Weather refers to atmospheric conditions that occur locally over short periods of time—from minutes to hours or days.”

Whereas, “Climate change refers to a broad range of global phenomena created predominantly by burning fossil fuels, which add heat-trapping gases to Earth’s atmosphere. These phenomena include the increased temperature trends described by global warming, but also encompass changes such as sea level rise; ice mass loss in Greenland, Antarctica, the Arctic and mountain glaciers worldwide; shifts in flower/plant blooming; and extreme weather events.”

Trump-tweets in denial of climate change

Trump has been vocally denying global warming for more than five years now.

He also criticised Obama presidency continuously, in tune with the Republican Party's stance, for giving import to climate change.

Trump has indicated in the past that he thinks global warming means winters cannot be cold anymore. Thus when the term global warming metamorphosised into the phenomenon climate change -- just when there was a cold winter, he tweeted:

And this:


The maverick leader also a theory explaining the concept.

Trump: A staunch climate change skeptic like fellow Republicans

Among the first-world countries, climate change denial is prominently found only in the Republican Party of US. Although the Australian Liberal Party is not very approving of measures taken to slow down climate change, it still recognizes the need to decrease rampant carbon emission, a research study by Norwegian politician Sondre Batstrand explained.

“Both countries [US and Australia] have vast reserves of coal, sustaining the notion of pro-business positions hindering climate measures when the industry is important enough to the economy,” the study said.

The 2012 Republican Party manifesto calls on the Congress to “take quick action to prohibit the EPA from moving forward with new greenhouse gas regulations that will harm the nation's economy and threaten millions of jobs over the next quarter century.”

It goes on to criticise the Obama government for prioritizing environmental issues: “The word "climate," in fact, appears in the current President's strategy more often than Al Qaeda.”

James Inhofe, a Republican and US senator from Oklahoma, even went to the extent of writing a book called, ‘The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens your Future’. The author argues that global warming and climate change is a hoax spread by a certain section of the American society to increase government interference in markets and lives of people, and I turn increase taxes and cost of living.

During 2016 presidential debate, Senator Marco Rubio said on CNN, “One of the reasons why the climate is changing is ‘cause the climate has always been changing. There has never been a time when the climate has not changed.”

Denying that the climate change is manmade, i.e. caused by long-term burning of fossil fuel and such other activities, Rubio went on to say, “A law that we can pass in Washington to change the weather? There’s no such thing.” In his argument, he echoes the same confusion that Trump has regarding the difference between weather change and climate change.
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