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Snow falls in Sahara desert for third time in 40 years - here are some pictures

Before this, the last recorded snowfall in Sahara desert was in 2017 and 1979

It is hard to visualise a snow-laden sand-desert. The main reason behind this is that it seldom snows there. However, in last 40 years, it has snowed three times in the Sahara desert, and two of the instances have been in last two years.

On Sunday, in the wee hours, the deserts of Sahara received their latest snowfall which blanketed the sand dunes in 40 cm thick snow. The snowfall was observed in the Algerian town of Ain Sefra. Though, the snow melt as the temperature rose later in the day.

In January 2017, Saharan Atlas dune was seen covered with snow in the outskirts of Ain Safra in the high steppe region of southwestern Algeria.

For the first time in years, the orange Saharan Atlas dunes near Ain Sefra in the west was covered by a layer of frozen white."It's been a long time since we experienced such a snowfall," said a local resident talking to Reuters then.

Before this, the last recorded snowfall in Sahara desert was in 1979.

The deserts of Saudi Arabia also received snowfall a few days ago. The official news outlet, Saudi Press Agency posted pictures of the snow-laden geography.

A Saudi Engineer on Twitter also posted a picture.

Various parts of the world are reeling under extreme cold and snowfall. Many parts of the US observed record snowfall this winter. Even in India, mountainous regions in the north are white under the snow. 

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