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Remembering Asma Jahangir — Pakistan's fearless human rights activist

For her stand against the policies of the Army, Asma received death threats.

A Pakistani woman, one of a kind, who had the nerve to fight for democracy, freedom of speech and raise her voice against the Army, passed away on Sunday after suffering a cardiac arrest. She was 66.

Jahangir was a human rights activist and lawyer who until her last breath stuck to her principles. She was known to fight against the military leadership of the country who she,according to reports, referred to them as 'duffers.'

As a country, Pakistan has seen a long history of military leadership. Her fight against their military leadership started under Yahya Khan’s martial law. Asma had appealed to the Supreme Court to fight for her father who was under detention. The legal battle ruled in her favour, where from then onwards, martial law was considered to be illegal by the country's constitution.

However, the country still saw successful coup attempts thereafter, under the leadership of Zia-ul-Haq and Musharraf. Despite the breach of law, Asma did not lose her faith and she continued her fight against the rulers. She fought legal cases for women and also against the oppressive laws for women which Zia had introduced.

For her stand against the policies of the Army, Asma received death threats.

But this did not stop her from fighting to restore democracy. Till date, she is known to be the epitome of fighting against Pakistan's military rule and the oppressive laws against the women in the country.
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