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Man arrested for opening emergency door on Asiana Airlines flight during landing in South Korea

Despite the incident of the emergency door being opened, all 194 passengers on the Asiana Airlines flight in South Korea were unharmed.

May 26, 2023 / 03:38 PM IST
Image: BBC News

Image: BBC News

A man was arrested for opening the emergency door of an Asiana Airlines flight while it was landing in South Korea, the BBC reported. Authorities told the BBC that all 194 passengers were safe as the flight landed safely at Daegu International Airport on Friday with its door open.

More than six passengers reported having breathing problems and were taken to hospital, the BBC said citing local media outlet Yonhap. The man was arrested once the flight landed.

The flight, Flight OZ8124, took off from Jeju Island on Friday morning local time. The timeline of events was not clear, but the plane’s door was opened as it neared the end of the flight around 12:45 local time.

A social media video showed that there was a gap in the plane’s side and winds blowing at the rows of seated passengers. Several school-going children were aboard the plane and were attending a weekend sporting event.

“The children were shaking, crying, and frightened,” Yonhap quoted one of the parents as saying. The Asiana Airlines authorities told the police that they have launched a full investigation.

A Massachusetts man aboard a cross-country United Airlines earlier this year tried to open the emergency door while the flight was in the air and when he was apprehended by airlines staff he even tried to stab one of them.

In March 2022, a passenger aboard a Nordwind Airline Boeing 777 caused a disturbance while the plane was flying at 33,000 feet.

The inebriated flyer attempted to open the emergency door despite efforts from fellow passengers to calm him down. Eventually, the cabin crew had to restrain the unruly passenger using cellophane wrap.

During a Delta flight from Salt Lake City to Oregon in February 2022, a passenger made a similar attempt to open the aircraft’s emergency exit.

The passenger removed the plastic covering from the emergency exit handle and exerted force on it using his entire body weight. The passenger said he did so because passengers would film him, giving him a chance to share his thoughts on the Covid-19 vaccine.

first published: May 26, 2023 03:38 pm