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Ban by French government on halal slaughter of chicken is false

The ministry did publish a note regarding poultry slaughter on November 23, 2020, but it said the document aimed to provide detail on how various slaughter methods, including halal, are to take place in France.

March 25, 2021 / 11:16 AM IST

Muslim leaders criticised the France government’s decision to ban the slaughter of poultry animals in line with Islamic principles ahead of the holy month of Ramadan. The reactions came following reports of such ban. However, the reports are false as the Ministry of Agriculture has said there is no ban.

On March 20, some online articles claimed that France will ban the halal slaughter of chicken and the decision was widely criticed by several Muslim leaders. The claims appeared to come from a press release from Paris Mosque director Chemseddine Hafez, Lyon Mosque director Kamel Kaptane and Evry Mosque director Khalil Maroun.

The release stated that “starting in July 2021, the Halal ritual slaughter of poultry in France will no longer be authorized,” reported AFP.

The document further said that the feared ban is the result of a technical note from the Ministry of Agriculture in France, which oversees poultry slaughter in France.