Drunk man who mistakenly took 480-km Uber ride seeks donation to foot $1600 bill

By Moneycontrol News

Moneycontrol News
Kenny Bachman, the drunk US citizen who mistakenly took a 480 km Uber ride after a party sought donations to foot the USD 1,635 bill, and a meal-prep company offered to pay.

Bachman has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise USD 1,635 to pay the driver who took him to New Jersey from West Virginia. The campaign has already raised USD 660 from 41 people. Kenny Bachman said the money raised will go to a charity now.

“NJ based meal prep company Eat Clean Bro has offered to pay my bill as a thank you for not drunk driving! They have a lot of delivery drivers on the roads and driving safety is important to them,” said Bachman.

“All my GoFundMe proceeds will go to charity!” he added.

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After a night of partying with friends, West Virginia-resident Kenny Bachman hailed an Uber cab to drive him back to ‘home’ and when he woke up, he was more than 480-kilometres away from home, in an entirely different state.

The ride came with a hefty price. It was more expensive for him as Bachman had booked an Uber XL which can ferry up to six passengers, however, it practically doubles the cost than a regular cab. A USD 3.94 base fare, a USD 2.35 booking fee, USD 696.95 for distance, USD 115.90 for time — a total of USD 1,635.93 or Rs 1.06 lakh. Had he booked a typical UberX, the ride would have cost him significantly lower, USD 819.14.

Bachman said that he passed out in the vehicle and woke up after two hours when the driver told him they were driving to New Jersey.