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Sep 14, 2017 01:01 PM IST | Source:

'America's most hated CEO' Martin Shkreli jailed for placing bounty on Hillary Clinton's hair

Shkreli is convicted for defrauding hedge funds MSMB Capital and MSMB Healthcare and staring at a jail term

Martin Shkreli, popularly known as “Pharma Bro”, has been ordered to be jailed by a US judge while he awaits sentencing in a separate securities fraud. Shkreli was out on a USD 5 million bail after his December 2015 arrest.

His bail was revoked by US District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto in Brooklyn citing a Facebook post by Shkreli in which he placed a bounty on Hillary Clinton’s hair. He had offered USD 5,000 for a strand of Clinton's hair.

The September 4 post, which was made shortly before Clinton embarked on a book tour, prompted a call from US Secret Service who declared that Shkreli posed a danger to the public. The post now stands deleted.

In court, Shkreli argued that his post was protected by the right to free speech but the judge rejected it saying any of Shkreli’s Facebook followers could take that seriously. “This is a solicitation of assault in exchange for money,” Reuters quoted the judge. “That is not protected by the First Amendment.”

Earlier, he had also said that he will have sex with a female journalist Lauren Duca who writes for Teen Vogue. He was banned from Twitter for harassing her. This, as expected, did not go in his favour at the hearing.

Shkreli in a letter to the judge on Tuesday had apologised for the post. "I understand now, that some may have read my comments about Mrs Clinton as threatening, when that was never my intention when making those comments," Shkreli said in his letter according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

However, the same day he defiantly posted on Facebook: “Lol Hillary Clinton's presumptive agents are hard at work. It was just a prank, bro! But still, lock HER up. Spend your resources investigating her, not me!!”

Shkreli is convicted for defrauding hedge funds MSMB Capital and MSMB Healthcare and he's currently facing a jail term. The sentencing will be done on January 16, next year.

Shkreli rose to prominence after he raised the price of a life-saving AIDS drug Daraprim by 5,000 percent overnight. This resulted in him being dubbed “America’s most hated man".

(With inputs from Reuters and The Sydney Morning Herald)
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