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US Military Releases Footage Of Russian Jet Collision With US Drone Over Black Sea

The Pentagon on Thursday released a video which it said shows a Russian military jet coming very close to a U.S. military drone, dumping fuel near it and a damaged propeller in the aftermath of the intercept. The de-classified video, which is about 40 seconds long, has been edited by the U.S. military for length but shows events in a sequential order, the Pentagon said. In the first direct U.S.-Russian incident since the Ukraine war began, a Russian Su-27 jet struck the propeller of the unmanned MQ-9 drone on Tuesday (March 14), making it inoperable, the Pentagon said, worsening already tense relations between Washington and Moscow. Russia's defence ministry blamed "sharp manoeuvring" by the drone for the crash and said its jet did not make contact. Watch to know more!

first published: Mar 16, 2023 07:25 pm


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