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Fresher-CEO Salary Gap At Rs 31 Crore | Why Are Freshers Paid So Low? | Let's Talk Jobs

A CEO in 2012 earned close to Rs 1 crore annually in 2012 while a fresher in an IT industry received Rs 2.7 lakh per annum. Ten years later, the CEO's salary has increased by 835% while the fresher's salary has only gone up by 45%. A fresher in 2022 is hardly paid ₹25,000 after completing their undegraduation. Living in metro cities, they're left with less than ₹1,000 in savings. Can freshers cope with rising inflation and living costs with no significant growth in their renumeration? But more importantly, why are they paid so low? Why is there such a huge gap between the salaries of CEOs and freshers? Watch this video to find out!


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Let's Talk Jobs

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