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Sep 14, 2017 10:34 AM IST | Source:

New tech will help Met dept predict rainfall as accurately as US, UK

With two supercomputers and a new set of radars, IMD will be able to predict the weather for smaller areas, reports Mint.

The accuracy of the India Meteorological Department's (IMD) rainfall predictions is set to get a major boost as the weather body will install two supercomputers and new radars next year, reports Mint.

The use of the advanced technology will give IMD the same standing in weather forecast as that of UK, USA and Australia.

When heavy rain brought Mumbai to a standstill on August 29, IMD accurately predicted for the broader region of the city. With the two supercomputers and the new set of radars, IMD will be able to predict the weather for smaller areas within the region.

The supercomputers are constructed to boost data processing capacity by more than six times. IMD is also adding more Doppler radars that measure the velocity of clouds and winds. The Met department is also taking the Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) help to install more weather monitoring equipment on satellites.

In the near future, IMD is planning to improve its forecasting capacity to a 1km grid for major cities by 2018, reaching the same level of precision as that of the UK’s Met Office, IMD Director General KJ Ramesh told Mint. As of now, the Department is using a 12 km grid.

“We should not miss any heavy rainfall event not captured by the system,” he said. “It’s a very challenging and exciting period for us to work in line with other countries.”

Monsoon season is the lifeline for about 880 million people in India who are dependent on farming. Heavy or no rainfall at all can take a toll on the farmer's yield. A detailed weather forecast from India's weather department can help the farmers plan their cropping activities during monsoon.
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