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This hilarious video sums up (big) difference between gross income and net income

The difference between one’s gross and net income can be huge - and this video sums it up nicely.

August 17, 2022 / 03:28 PM IST
Credit: TansuYegen/Twitter

Credit: TansuYegen/Twitter

The difference between one’s gross and net income can be huge – ask any businessman who can relate to this lighthearted video that pokes fun at said difference. While gross income refers to the total amount that one earns, net income is the profit left over after deducting business expenses.

The video in question was shared by Twitter user Tansu Yegen and has racked up millions of views and amused comments. It begins with a shot of a glass that appears to be full. A person then uses cutlery to extract a long piece of ice from the glass, which leads to the beverage level falling dramatically.

“Gross income vs Net income,” he captioned the viral video which has received over 8.4 million views on the microblogging platform.

Many viewers felt that it also illustrated perfectly the difference between CTC and in-hand salary. Many young professionals, starting out on their first jobs, assume that the matter of calculating their monthly salary is as simple as dividing the annual CTC (or Cost to Company) by 12. Seasoned professionals know better. After accounting for tax deducted at source, PF contribution, variable pay and other deductions, one is often left with an in-hand salary that is far below expectations.

This fact has been the subject of memes and jokes galore. There is, in fact, almost an entire genre of internet memes dedicated to mocking the vast difference between CTC and in-hand salary. Several Twitter users pointed out that Yegen’s video would also make a good addition to the repository of CTC vs in-hand salary jokes.
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first published: Aug 17, 2022 03:27 pm
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