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Storyboard18 x Just Sports | How TCS approaches sports sponsorships and marketing?

In an exclusive conversation as part of Storyboard18’s Month In Focus - Just Sports, TCS’ chief marketing officer, Rajashree R shares the brand’s approach when it comes to global and local sponsorships of sports and events.

May 17, 2022 / 07:44 PM IST
Tata Consultancy Services sponsors 11 running events, including the TCS New York City Marathon, TCS London Marathon and the Waterfront Marathon.

Tata Consultancy Services sponsors 11 running events, including the TCS New York City Marathon, TCS London Marathon and the Waterfront Marathon.

Over the past two years, lockdowns and restrictions continued to disrupt our lives. But tough times couldn’t deter us from exercise and sports. More than ever, we found time for activities like yoga and weight training at home and as soon as the world unlocked, running, cycling, walking and other fitness activities became a routine and much needed break from virtual meets. After two years, many sporting events have returned with spectators and participative events flagging off as per schedule with participants returning with revenge. For runners particularly, the highlight of the year is the return of major running events. One such event was the TCS World 10K that took place recently.

The event saw close to 20,000 runners take to the streets of Bengaluru with participation from across the country and some international runners as well. Many came to catch up with their running buddies after a gap of two Month in Focus Logoyears, while many others came with determination to race and compete, achieve their personal running goals that had been postponed. The excitement was palpable at the start line, during the race and post the event. A part of all this action were many brands who were present on ground.

Being the title sponsor of this event which is also one of the biggest 10 K events in the world, TCS’s logo was splashed across the city of Bengaluru. Ahead of the event, Storyboard18 caught up with Rajashree R, chief marketing officer of TCS, to gauge the excitement around the event. She spoke about how when it comes to running, there is no other brand that has dominated a sport like TCS.

In the year 2021 itself, the brand added the TCS London Marathon and the Waterfront Marathon to its roster of 11 running sponsorships including the highly popular TCS New York City Marathon. In the year gone by, the IT major also announced a partnership for the Jaguar TCS racing team and Formula-E motorsports and also made its way into the field of golf by partnering with the Dutch Open.

In an exclusive conversation as part of Storyboard18’s month in focus - Just Sports, Rajashree R shares the brand’s approach when it comes to sponsorships. Edited excerpts:

You have title sponsored events across different markets now. New York and London, which are World Marathon Majors. Then Amsterdam, Toronto and Bengaluru and many events that you associate with as a technology partner. How exactly do you choose these events? What is the deciding factor?

If you look at the recent past, you would have hardly seen a brand dominate a sport as we do with marathons. Brands sponsor an off football game or an odd tennis event. But we are today a primary source behind marathons. We are sponsoring around 14 marathons across the world. Right from Canberra to Amsterdam to London. As a runner you would know, New York and London are the top billing marathons in the world. It is a reflection of that and of course this is where our customers are, our own employees are. It is a no brainer, if you ask me.

Some of these sponsorships and partnerships are up for renewal after a few years. What keeps you interested?

It is a long-term commitment for us. The good thing about a marathon is that it is a very inclusive sport. You look at some of the other sports, they are not as inclusive as a marathon is. You see millions of runners wearing a TCS badge and running on the Brooklyn bridge, it gives you goosebumps! Not just as a ‘TCSer’ but also as an Indian. The fact that it brings a city together, it brings common man together I think is very exciting for us as a brand. I am waiting to see the London Marathon because this is the first time we would have the title sponsorship. So, these are goosebumps moments for all of us and we are deeply committed to the cause.

As you mentioned TCS’ new role is that of the title partner for the upcoming London Marathon. What are the big plans there?

For me, if you say New York, London and Mumbai, I think you have covered the world. Very excited about the London opportunity. It is a gorgeous marathon. It goes through the parks of London. It is a historic marathon as well, one of the oldest marathons out there. The UK is a very important market for us. It is a market where we are the No.1 technology service provider, so bringing our customers, our employees and the larger ecosystem to this platform is very exciting and to us, it is not just about customers but our own employees as well. Because every year through these sponsorships more than 6000 employees also run. We sponsor 6,000 employees to participate in these marathons.

Earlier you mentioned how you have dominated this sport of marathons. But now you are also getting into other sports such as Formula E team or the Dutch Open for Golf. What is the strategy and approach there?

For us, sport in general is a great association for the brand. Because when you are a sports person that’s when you push yourself as a human to its maximum. And any place where technology is helping humans to do better is the intersection that we love. So whether it is running or the use of technology or the use of the app, giving runners the guidance to do the training, helping them do better is an exciting area.

Motorsport was interesting to us especially. The EV opportunity again is an area where we believe our future lies. We all know our future lies with EV. We want to be a part of that journey. And Formula E is at the pinnacle of it because the kind of research that happens on the sidelines of Formula E really drives the road map for electric vehicles in the future. Jaguar being a fantastic brand for us to be associated with. We are not just a sponsor, we are a partner to Jaguar. We have a large relationship with Jaguar as well. So we are working very closely with them on the vehicle, helping the drivers with technology and so on. The reason we got on to it was that it allowed us to use our technology strength for drivers to do better and also the greater cause of EV as our future. So that intersection was very exciting for us and that is why we got on board.

Rajashree R, chief marketing officer of TCS. Rajashree R, chief marketing officer of TCS.

Earlier this year, TCS was declared the second most valuable information technology company globally by a Brand Finance report. What has been the contribution of sports sponsorships to help achieve this global brand positioning?

It has been pivotal. I think we are probably one of the first brands to have the global platform as far as sponsorships is concerned. We can now see other Indian brands joining the bandwagon, which is good. It has definitely helped us to take the brand forward. Having that kind of strong presence in some of the marquee markets where we operate has been really very pivotal in gaining brand value. In fact, if you look at the narration of the brand value when we got the report, they actually rated the sports sponsorships as a key driver to achieve this brand value. And very importantly, it is not just about that day, we do a lot of things around the sponsorships. For example, in New York, we do something called team TCS for teachers, so we got a cohort of teachers who we are sponsoring to run the New York Marathon. As we know during the pandemic the teaching community was affected. So we are supporting a lot of initiatives around the sidelines of the marathon.

With the Council of responsible sport you have recently launched an app called ‘Rescore’ that will help organizers for a more sustainable organization of their events. Can you share a bit more about it and how will it work?

I am very proud of it. When running events happen there is a lot of waste that gets generated. Today we know that people want things that are more sustainable. Lot of these runners want to lead a sustainable life and not contribute to any waste. This app that we have done with the Council of Responsible Sport is a full dashboard which is used by the event organizers to measure various factors which contribute to the lack of sustainably, like lot of wastage, use of power, use of fuel. A lot of factors which they can themselves measure on how green and sustainable this event is and the app is completely free. It is really beautiful because when you run a marathon, you will be happy to know that you are running a sustainable marathon.

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first published: May 17, 2022 07:29 pm