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More women engaging in sports, leading to higher viewership and more gamers

May 07, 2019 06:46 PM IST

Mobile as a medium is getting more female gamers on board and women make up about 32 percent of all gamers in the country.

In the last two years, online gaming has been the talk of the town. And an interesting thing to note is the growing female user base. More and more women are not only engaging in fantasy games or e-sports but also contributing to viewership for sports content.

Take the example of Ibakobor K Lynser, a known face in the gaming community. She got on to mobile gaming platform Mobile Premier League (MPL) to manage her expenses after moving from Meghalaya to Bengaluru. And since then, she has won over Rs 2 lakh. She has completed 770 tournaments on the app and is also one of the top scorers.

Iba is not the only one who is making a name in the gaming world. Pratibha Arya, 26, is the winner of Gamechanger tournament on PokerBaazi. KhelPlayRummy gamers from Andhra Pradesh, Sukanya Nagalatha and Aashica, are participating in many tournaments.  

A resident of Delhi, Muskan Sethi is a professional poker player who won an all-expenses-paid ticket to Barcelona for a championship in 2014 on PokerStars. She has not only challenged professional international players but has also become a top online poker player.