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Scan finds cat stuck in luggage at New York’s JFK Airport

Airport officials were left shocked by what they found in a traveller's bag last week.

November 24, 2022 / 02:19 PM IST
(Image credit: @TSA/Twitter)

(Image credit: @TSA/Twitter)

During the X-ray scanning of a bag last week, officials at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport detected something unusual -- an outline of a cat.

The discovery warranted a more thorough checking. It turned out that in addition to toiletries, bottles and some wine glasses, a live cat was in the luggage.

Officers were left shocked by what they found. The cat was not harmed but could have died if the bag made its way to the hold.


"It's rare to discover a live animal in a checked bag," Lisa Farbstein, spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), told CNN.

After finding the cat, officials summoned the bag's owner, who was travelling from New York to Florida.

The passenger, it turns out, was a guest at a Brooklyn home and he was packing his bag, the host's cat stepped into it, unbeknown to him, the New York Post reported.

The cat's owner said she was at work when she came to know about the situation in which her orange tabby was found.

Officials asked her if he wanted to press charges against the guest for possibly stealing her cat, but she refused.

“Our cats really like to check out bags and boxes and apparently one of them climbed into his suitcase," Alix, the cat owner said. "It was just an accident."

The cat was later picked up from the airport by Alix's fiance.

Their guest missed the flight but was saved from being blacklisted from flying.
first published: Nov 24, 2022 02:19 pm