Watch: Saudi King Salman's golden escalator gets stuck after landing in Russia

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The king of Saudi Arabia in a landmark trip to Russia was confronted with his 'first big decision' before he even landed on Russian soil.

Just as the Saudi king arrived in Moscow, the golden escalator he used to get down from his plane malfunctioned and stopped midway on its descent.

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The 81-year old-king was suddenly stuck halfway looking confused. After weighing his options for about thirteen seconds, he simply decided to descend the stairs via steps.

The Saudi Arabian King is visiting Russia to discuss global oil markets and the Syrian crisis with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Luckily, the deals did not stumble like his escalator.

The King and the Russian President Putin inked several deals including one involving Russia’s S-400 missile defence system.

Here is the video that went viral:

The Saudi monarch's visit came after decades of strained relations between the two countries.