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‘Came for voice, photo’: Rapido driver sends late night texts to woman, says ‘not bhaiya’

The Rapido driving partner also told the woman that he only came all the way for the pick up for her voice and display photo.

March 15, 2023 / 06:43 PM IST
Rapido has responded to the chat and apologised for the captain's behaviour. (Representational)

Rapido has responded to the chat and apologised for the captain's behaviour. (Representational)

A Twitter user shared a distressing screenshot of messages from who she claimed was her Rapido driving partner on Twitter, highlighting the need for stricter rules of privacy on ride-sharing apps.

In the five messages that can be seen in the screenshot, the accused, at 1:25 AM, texts the woman in Hindi asking if she was awake before telling her that he came for the pick-up only because of her voice and display photo.

“Otherwise I was very far, wouldn’t have come at all,” he writes in Hindi before his final audacious text: “And yes, another thing, I am not bhaiyya (brother)”.

The woman shared the screenshot and said: “Shared my location with a captain at @rapidobikeapp and this is what I get.” She followed it up with cuss words. The first text in the chat was a deleted message, the screenshot shows, which was likely the woman’s location that she shared for the driver to reach her. The incident likely happened in Delhi.

A screenshot of the conversation. (Image: donotrushmee/Twitter) A screenshot of the conversation. (Image: donotrushmee/Twitter)

“Hi, it is extremely disappointing for us to learn about the captain's lack of professionalism and we are apologetic about the same,” Rapido’s customer care team tweeted in the viral thread.

Many users urged the bike-sharing platform to take action against the driver and many highlighted that app-based aggregators are not entirely safe anymore.

“Rapido is no more safe these days,” one woman wrote.

Another user wrote that his girlfriend keeps getting such messages from Rapido captains at odd hours.

“My gf uses bike cab apps for work commute every day. In Rapido, more often than not the driver sends WhatsApp msgs. Often late in the night with obvious intentions. If the app cannot control the horny drivers at least mask the phone no. like other apps,” he wrote.

“Disgusting. Having used public transport for a long time, I expect nothing better from cabs and autos. We need more women in transport ecosystem,” another woman wrote.

“This is absolutely sick, disgusting and horrible! @rapidobikeapp. What are you doing about it?” another user wrote.

Several such incidents have been reported in the past with women users alleging that food delivery partners or cab drivers text or call them prompting several companies like Swiggy to “deactivate” accounts of wrong-doers.

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first published: Mar 15, 2023 06:09 pm