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Mumbai tech company CEO dies after being hit by speeding car while jogging

Rajalakshmi Vijay was a frequent runner who recently finished the 2023 Tata Mumbai Marathon.

March 19, 2023 / 12:53 PM IST
Rajalakshmi Vijay. (Image credit: LinkedIn)

Rajalakshmi Vijay. (Image credit: LinkedIn)

A Mumbai-based tech firm CEO has died after being hit by a speeding car. Rajalakshmi Vijay, the top boss of Altruist Technologies, was jogging at Worli Sea Face when a speeding driver hit her on the morning of March 19, The Times of India reported.

Vijay suffered head injuries in the accident. The collision's impact was such that she was thrown several feet into the air, the report said.

The executive was a frequent runner, who recently finished the 2023 Tata Mumbai Marathon.

The driver who hit her is in police custody. They are investigating if he was driving while intoxicated.

"We will strictly go by the eyewitnesses accounts as well the CCTV footages and his blood samples have been collected and further investigations are underway," an official told TOI.

Just a month ago, Vijay had shared a long post on LinkedIn about her marathon triumph.

I have added life to my days, I have added friends to my life," she wrote. "I have added the booster shot to my work. I wake up yet another day, to run, to live life."

Vijay also detailed how she started running in the first place.

"I did it to lose weight and to have bragging rights," she wrote. "Having run several marathons, I agree on the part of adding “life to my days”. Discipline and focus are the two lessons I have learnt. Energy and positivity add to the quality of my days."

first published: Mar 19, 2023 12:33 pm