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Last Updated : May 16, 2019 02:32 PM IST | Source:

NASA plans to land first woman on Moon by 2024

The mission is named after Greek Goddess Artemis, the twin sister of Apollo, after whom NASA's first Moon mission was named.

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Moon (Image: NASA)
Moon (Image: NASA)

NASA has divulged some more details of its mission to return to the Moon. The space agency revealed the mission’s name and declared that they were planning to put the first woman on the Moon’s surface.

The goal of the mission -- Artemis – is not only to land astronauts on the lunar surface by 2024 but also to use it as a base for other missions in future.

US President Donald Trump's administration has forever been ambitious about its aspirations concerning the Moon and has so far been mighty vocal about it. Two years ago, it was revealed that they were trying to figure out the possibilities of putting new landers on the Moon for the sake of gauging de facto property rights. Last year, Trump also urged the space agency to focus more on exploring instead of making observations of the Earth. That’s when NASA outlined a detailed plan on how it planned to make a grand return to the surface of the Moon, according to a report by The New Atlas.

The original target of the mission was to land humans on the Moon by the year 2028, but United States’ Vice President Mike Pence catalysed the efforts significantly in March, declaring that the state planned to see this done in the next five years. Pence also expressed the desire to see the mission include both male and female astronauts.

With both the Trump administration and NASA confirming that the space agency has sought approval for an additional spend of US$1.6 billion to prepone the landing to 2024, it can be safely assumed that things are right on track. The new proposal now awaits a nod from the Congress.

In fact, President Trump had tweeted: “Under my Administration, we are restoring NASA to greatness and we are going back to the Moon, then Mars. I am updating my budget to include an additional $1.6 billion so that we can return to Space in a BIG WAY!”

Notably, the mission is named after Greek Goddess Artemis, the twin sister of Apollo, after whom NASA's first Moon mission was named.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said: “This program is going to enable a new generation of young girls, like my daughter, to see themselves in a way that they wouldn't otherwise.”

Eventually, NASA plans to use this mission to go greater lengths and establish a lunar outpost, study the Moon's resources to understand how they can be exploited, and use it as a base to explore Mars.

NASA tweeted: “We are going to the Moon – to stay. We will build sustainable infrastructure to support missions to Mars and beyond. This is what we're building. This is what we're training for. We are going.”
First Published on May 16, 2019 02:32 pm
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