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Mint condition Pokemon cards sell for $100,000 at auction

The most attractive aspect of the auctioned card set was that they were all in near perfect shape and condition, despite being launched a decade ago.

August 16, 2019 / 12:29 PM IST
Pokemon (Image: Flickr)

Pokemon (Image: Flickr)

Setting a record in Pokemon frenzy, a buyer just shelled out $107,010 at an auction to acquire an entire set of the first edition Pokemon cards printed in English from the year 1999. The bid amount was so high that it could have got someone 35,000 such card sets had it been spent on them in the 90s, when it first hit the US market.

The bidding for the cards in mint condition started at $25,000. Before the auction closed on August 10, Goldin Auctions had recorded 12 bids for the collectables, which successfully increased the bid amount to four times by then.

The Japanese anime series on fictitious pocket monsters is a staple for millennial nostalgia. The original 1999 Pokemon video and card games were a major part of the millennial childhood across the globe, making the first edition cards so sought after.

The collection that just got auctioned is a set of 103 cards, which also included a very special and rare first edition Charizard card that alone could fetch $20,000.

According to TMZ Sports, the set contains other prized cards such as holographic Alakazam, Blastoise, and Chansey cards. The most attractive aspect of the auctioned card set was that they were all in near-perfect shape and condition despite being launched a decade ago. There are reportedly less than 50 such cards available in perfect condition across the globe.


CNBC reported that the auction house had listed each of the cards on its website as GEM-MT 10, which means that they are in mint condition and have been authenticated by the Professional Sports Authenticator.

One way to identify authentic first edition Pokemon cards is to look for a tiny, black circular stamp at the bottom left of the picture of the Pokemon. If you spot that on your cards, you can rest assured that you are also a proud owner of the original series launched in 1999.

The Goldin website further mentioned that Pokemon cards had the potential to become as important as collecting other highly coveted sports cards such as the Fleer basketball set released in 1986/87.

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first published: Aug 16, 2019 12:29 pm
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