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Millions of Facebook users migrating to Instagram: Report

Facebook is losing users in their coveted 12-to 34-year-old demographic.

Carlsen Martin

A recent study by Edison Research claims that Facebook user base in the United States is shrinking by the millions. The study was based on data compiled by the firm. According to the survey, Facebook is losing users in their coveted 12-to 34-year-old demographic.

It shows a continuing drop in users from 2017. Despite Edison’s study Facebook has reported 2.32 billion active users every month, a 9-percent increase year-over-year. A drop in Facebook’s U.S. user base hasn’t really made any impact on its global growth. The survey found that an estimated 15 million fewer people use Facebook today than they did in 2017.

Facebook's privacy woes continue 

One thing’s for certain, Facebook’ privacy woes and breach of user trust are showing noticeable effects on its most coveted audience. In an interview with Marketplace, Edison Research president Larry Rosin addressed the decline in users, “I don’t see how you couldn’t say it’s a meaningful drop. Fifteen million is a lot of people, no matter which way you cut it. It represents about 6 percent of the total US population ages 12 and older.”

A better social network for young audiences 

Another interesting aspect of this decline in users is that Facebook users – millennials and teenagers in particular – may not be leaving the social media platform entirely. But instead, they might just be heading to another platform. Facebook-owned Instagram has gained immense popularity in recent years, becoming a hipper and more modern social network for younger audiences.

Instagram vs Facebook

One of the best elements of this photo-sharing platform is its nature of collecting less personal information from users. Instagram now counts more than 1 billion users. Instagram also serves as a less toxic alternative to using social media, unlike Facebook which is now overrun by ads and plagued by misinformation, fake news and content used to influence users for political gain.
First Published on Mar 8, 2019 04:11 pm
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