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Is India ready for a Rs 65 lakh bottle of water?

What's the latest uber luxury product in town? It is water. Hold on your disbelief, a bottle of water priced at Rs 65 lakh is soon to hit the market soon.

September 18, 2017 / 05:06 PM IST

What's the latest uber luxury product in town? It is water. Hold on your disbelief, a bottle of water priced at Rs 65 lakh is soon to hit the market soon.

For those who do not consume alcohol here comes your poison-pristine water from Beverly Hills. Just like that aged wine bottle that defines your style and snoot, your bottle of water too will be a part of your rich taste and élan.

But how much do you get to drink for that much money? A litre to be precise. That’s not it though. You also get some diamonds.

That’s The Diamond Edition of the Luxury Collection of Beverly Hills 9OH2O for you. Designed by a renowned jeweler to the stars on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, each exquisite bottle features a white gold cap set with over 600 G/VS white diamonds and over 250 black diamonds, totaling 14 carats.  Each bottle comes in a custom secured presentation case together with four engraved Baccarat crystal tumblers, and it is presented in person by famed water sommelier Martin Riese at a private water tasting anywhere in the world.  In addition, the Diamond Edition package also includes a one-year supply of the Lifestyle Collection of Beverly Hills 9OH2O.

9OH2O DIAMOND EDITION - PHOTO - 7 - 01-29-2015

All this and more would soon be closer home. The Beverly Hills Drink Company is introducing their series of luxury drinking water to the Indian markets as a part of their global expansion plans. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, USA, the bottle water is christened Beverly Hills 9OH2O. The series feature superior spring water from 5,000 feet up in the pristine southern California Mountains.

Catering to the crowd that is looking for a bespoke experience while consuming water, Beverly Hills 9OH2O is redefining the taste and class of water.

Just like any other expensive bottle of wine, this water is known for its quality and taste. “The taste of Beverly Hills 9OH2O is silky smooth, incredibly crisp, and remarkably light,” said Jon Gluck, Co-founder and President, Beverly Hills Drink Company.

However, it is not just about the taste. Its exceptional health profile is that it is naturally alkaline, electrolyte-rich, and high in healthy minerals.

Are people ready to pay that much for water though? Well, yes.

According to the founders at the Beverly Hills Drink Company just like those who consume alcohol for its taste, there are people who look for a particular taste and class in water.

“Beverly Hills 9OH2O has attracted a wide variety of loyal and passionate buyers.  Our buyers include bottled water lovers, health-conscious consumers, and luxury consumers.  One of the strongest and most interesting segment of our following are people who do not drink alcohol.  They tell us that they are thrilled to have for the first time a beautiful and great-tasting non-alcoholic beverage that can be proudly enjoyed in fine settings alongside wines, champagnes, and fine spirits,” said Gluck.

For those who cannot afford the Diamond collection there is no reason to be sad. The brand also has two other categories in different price bands.

There is the Beverly Hills 9OH2O Luxury Collection that has four sub products- 1litre bottle in still, 1litre pack in sparkling and 500mL packs in still and sparkling, respectively. Targeted at luxury hotels, fine restaurants, luxury gifting market, nightclubs and more this series comes for USD 12 (Rs 800) for a litre.


The other segment is called the Beverly Hills 9OH2O Lifestyle Collection that is targeted at hotels, cafes, markets, spas, and more and also comes in the still and sparkling category. A 500mL bottle in the category comes for close to Rs 100.

The brand has entered their first major international distribution agreement. The deal includes distribution rights to 18 countries, including China, India, and UAE. The distributor is a luxury conglomerate owned by a prominent UAE family with strong connections to royal families in the Middle East. “From the strong demand we’ve received since launching Beverly Hills 9OH2O, we believe that our strongest international markets will be in the Middle East, Asia, and India.  We expect Beverly Hills 9OH2O to do extremely well in India’s large and fast-growing high-end market, and we very much look forward to launching the world’s finest water in India soon,” added Gluck.

Beverly Hills 9OH2O is expected to launch in India during mid 2018.

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first published: Sep 18, 2017 05:06 pm