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For online dating, age is no bar

And another interesting aspect to these new trends is that they are not metro specific. In fact, more people from tier II cities are logging on to dating apps to find love.

October 25, 2019 / 07:48 PM IST

Do you know the oldest male user on TrulyMadly, a dating app, is 67 years old? Plus, 32 percent of the active user base on the app is 30 years and above and 10 percent is above 35 years of age.

TrulyMadly has five million users, out of which one lakh are paid subscribers.

These numbers signal that older people are actively using dating apps to find love and even to settle down.

Take the example of Shruti Kapoor, age 30 from Delhi who struggled with arranged marriage setup and decided to take matters in her own hands and downloaded the TrulyMadly app. And there she connected with Nitin Kapoor, 31.

“Our first chat wasn't that interesting but I somehow felt some connection between us so we continued our conversation. Eventually, conversations turned into phone calls and then we finally met at Khan Market. Later we decided to talk to our families and tell about each other. There was some resistance from both families but we were able to convince them. We got married thereafter and never hesitated to tell people that we met on a dating app.”


And this is not a one-off case. A user of another dating app called OKCupid, who is 37 years old and commitment phobic, finally met someone who he is thinking of spending his rest of the life with.

Dating apps are also becoming a preferred option for those who are either divorced or widowed.

In the last two years, the percentage of active users who have been married in the past (divorced/widowed) has gone up from three percent to eight percent on TrulyMadly.

And another interesting aspect to these new trends is that they are not metro specific. In fact, more people from tier II cities are logging on to dating apps to find love.

In fact, Snehil Khanor, CEO and co-Founder, TrulyMadly, said that they see more divorced profiles coming from tier II cities.

So, what is making older or divorced and widowed people comfortable that they are preferring dating apps?

According to Priti Joshi, Head of Strategy, Bumble, India has experienced a rapid cultural evolution over the last decade - one that has been accelerated by the widespread access to technology, especially smartphones.

“On Bumble, we give our users the ability to form connections in all aspects of their life - love, life, and work. Even after someone has found the love of their life, users can use our platform to find friendships and networking relationships. In fact, nearly 40 percent of our women users in India use two or more modes within Bumble. So from where we stand, age is nothing but a number,” she said.

Explaining it further, Khanor, said, “Dating as a use-case differs from age- to-age. And those who are looking to settle down are not preferring matrimonial platforms as people go with an agenda on such sites and matrimony still revolves around caste, religion, etc.”

In addition, it is the trust factor that is leading more people of all age groups to log onto dating apps.

Like TrulyMadly, where they categorize profiles through trust scores.

So, to enter the TrulyMadly community, a user needs to have 30 percent trust score, which can be achieved by uploading either a selfie or linking the user’s Facebook account. For a better trust score, one can also upload Aadhaar card and other important details which will lead to higher chances of more people seeing your profile.

Earlier this year, Google, in a report, pointed out that the search on dating queries is growing faster than matrimony queries in India. And non-metros were overtaking metros in online search related to dating across categories.

The report, titled 'Insights for Brands' said that dating-related searches grew 40 percent over the past year as compared to matrimony that grew by 13 percent. And it is expected that dating will surpass matrimony in terms of searches in the next five years.

All this signals to the fact that India has not only woken up to online dating  but age is no bar when it comes to dating and to find love.

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Maryam Farooqui
Tags: #Lifestyle
first published: Oct 25, 2019 07:48 pm
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