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YouTuber’s pet fish charged money to his credit card during livestream. Here’s how

Japanese YouTuber Mutekimaru runs an account with over 90,000 subscribers, on which he streams his pet fish playing video games.

January 29, 2023 / 03:10 PM IST
A screengrab from Mutekimaru's livestream on YouTube

A screengrab from Mutekimaru's livestream on YouTube

A Japanese YouTuber's credit card details were exposed online during a livestream earlier this month -- because of his pet fish.

Mutekimaru, who runs a YouTube account with over 90,000 subscribers, has earned fame by filming his fish playing video games. He sets up a movement-tracking software in a fish tank that allows his pets to operate a gaming console remotely, CNN reported.

His fish were remotely playing a Pokémon game using a Nintendo Switch gaming console when an error happened.

The game crashed and the Nintendo console went back to the home screen. At this moment, the YouTuber was away from his desk.

The fish, apparently still in control of the gaming console, somehow managed to launch the Nintendo e-store, change his gaming name and download a new avatar for him.

Because of his pets' movements, a PayPal account was also set up and 500 yen ($4) charged to his credit card.

Mutekimaru uploaded a video on January 12, following up on the livestream incident.

He joked that his fish had even "read the terms and conditions" on the online store. "Many of us humans don't read the terms of service, but fish are smarter than we are," he said.

His YouTube video collected more than 4 lakh views and was also posted on Twitter.

The YouTuber has sought a refund from Nintendo. The company refused to comment on episode when approached  by CNN.

Mutekimaru had four fish that would rotate gaming duty between them every 12 hours. One of them died last year.

One pet played for over 3,000 hours in 2020 to beat a Pokémon game champion.

first published: Jan 29, 2023 03:06 pm