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'IndiGo cabin crew refused food to my crying 6-yr-old,' claims flyer. Airline responds

Twitter users, however, were divided over the incident. A section of them blamed the parent for flying without carrying food with them while another said that the IndiGo cabin crew should have given preference to the hungry child.

June 21, 2022 / 01:28 PM IST
IndiGo Airlines.

IndiGo Airlines.

An IndiGo flyer has claimed that during a recent flight, the cabin crew refused food to his six-year-old daughter because they had to serve the corporate clients first. The child cried throughout the flight, he added.

Taking to Twitter, the flyer who goes by Dr. OBGYN (@drnngujarathi), shared his experience, "The great IndiGo6E experience: My six-year-old kid was hungry. Requested the cabin crew to give her any food available, and willing to pay for it. Even on repeated requests, they refused saying they will serve corporate clients first. My daughter kept crying during the whole flight but they (the cabin crew) didn’t serve (food to her)."

While Moneycontrol could not independently verify the claim, responding to the tweet, an IndiGo representative commented, "Sir, we understand what you must have gone through. Hope she is fine now. We'll certainly look into it and will connect with you tomorrow during working hours at your registered number."


Another representative of the airline also reached out to the flyer and wrote, "Sir, thank you for speaking with us. We apologise for such an experience and have shared your feedback with the concerned team for a further review so as to avoid recurrences. We look forward to serving you better in future."

Twitter users, however, were divided over the incident. A section of them blamed the parent for flying without carrying food with them.

"As a parent of a six-year-old, first of all it is your duty to carry food with you. So blame your carelessness first. Agreed, the airline could have acted promptly. So first say that 'I as the parent of a six-year-old kid's parent didn't bring food and was expecting the airlines to serve me first," wrote Twitter user Kamal Raj (@KamalRajbharat).

Another user Sangeetha (@sangeeetha_) said, "What are parents for if not to look out for needs of children? So you will not stock up for needs of a six-year-old and depend upon airlines? Just so you can nit-pick? How about teaching your child self reliance by setting an example?"

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Another section of Twitter users defended the parent and said that the IndiGo cabin crew should have given preference to the hungry child.

"This is very bad manners. The airline could have at least served complementary biscuits or snacks to the kid. Adults can understand the situation but children can't. Airlines should be children friendly," wrote user Kiran Patel (@kirnpatel).

"First they didn’t allowed a special child to board and now they won’t feed a hungry child! What is this, IndiGo? How long does it takes to give a child something to eat? Who are these corporate clients in a budget airline? Pre-booking is fine but children and elderly should be also taken care of," commented another user Dr. Sydney Moirangthem (@DrSydmoir2020).

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first published: Jun 21, 2022 01:08 pm
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