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Indian CEO’s note about Pakistani friend she met at Harvard: ‘Over chai and biryanis…’

Sneha Biswas, a startup founder, reflects on how love for people transcends boundaries.

August 11, 2022 / 08:57 AM IST
(Image credit: Sneha Biswas/LinkedIn)

(Image credit: Sneha Biswas/LinkedIn)

An Indian CEO's post detailing her friendship with a Pakistani woman while studying in the United States has struck a chord with many people online.

Sneha Biswas, the founder of Early Steps Academy, a startup that offers students lessons in topics ranging from climate to cryptocurrency, wrote a LinkedIn post about forming a "barrier-breaking" friendship with a fellow student at Harvard University.

"Growing up in a small town in India, my knowledge about Pakistan was limited to cricket, history books and the media," Biswas wrote. "All revolving around rivalry and hatred.

Decades later I met this girl," the CEO added. "She is from Islamabad, Pakistan. I met her on my Day 1 at Harvard Business School . It took us 5 seconds to like each other and by the end of first semester she became one of my closest friends on campus."

The two women got to know each other over "chais (teas), biryanis, financial models and case study preps".


Biswas said she was inspired by her friend's ambitious nature.

"Her stories of growing up in a conversative Pakistani backdrop, but blessed with supportive parents who gave her and her younger sister the courage to break the norms and chase their dreams, resonated with me," Biswas added.

Biswas said an important lesson she learnt through that friendship was that love for people transcends boundaries.

"Boundaries, borders and spaces are built by humans, and while it all might make sense to the head, the heart often fails to understand them," she added.

Biswas's post, that includes a picture of her and her friend posing with their national flags, has gathered over 40,000 likes and more than 1,600 comments since it appeared on LinkedIn a day ago.

"Very beautifully written," veteran journalist Ravish Kumar commented.

"Heartwarming, Sneha," a user named Samira Khan wrote. "Being half-Indian and half-Pakistani (my parents met in the US, and came from two different religious backgrounds) this resonates so much. "Focusing on commonalities is such a force to address barriers -- together --across arbitrary lines. Thanks for sharing."

"Very heart warming picture!" read another comment on the post. "Your expression of thoughts is touching!"
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first published: Aug 11, 2022 08:53 am
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