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In Madhya Pradesh, police vans are blowing sirens to 'scare away' locusts

An agricultural officer was convinced that “the way to prevent the locusts from damaging crops is to create loud noises or to spray insecticides”

May 28, 2020 / 06:47 PM IST

The locust threat, that has been gripping one state after the other in India, has been exceptionally worrisome for the uninitiated.

In states like Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, when swarms of locusts were seen destroying crops and vegetation, the local administration was left bewildered. New to such attacks, they have been adopting bizarre and unconventional ways to try and ward off the pests.

The district administration of Madhya Pradesh’s Panna, for instance, started blaring sirens hoping the loud noise would scare the large buzzing insects away.

In a video shared by news agency ANI, on can see police vans and fire trucks patrolling the town with sirens on in a bid to keep the locust swarms at bay.

An agriculture officer informed that locusts have already feasted on wild plants and trees in Panna Tiger Reserve, reported India Today. However, that has helped save the agricultural crops from being devoured.


The official went on to say “the way to prevent the locusts from damaging crops is to create loud noises or to spray insecticides”.

Meanwhile, state Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel has said the government may declare the locust attacks as a natural disaster after an assessment of the damage is done. If it gets declared as a natural disaster, farmers will be able to seek compensation for the losses incurred due to the attacks.

Locusts have already ravaged crops in north Indian states such as Rajasthan and Gujarat, and the government has stepped up operations to prevent further losses.

The dreaded pests entered Rajasthan via Pakistan earlier in May and then swept over other parts of western India gradually. While attacks of swarming desert locusts are not uncommon in India, there has been an unprecedented rise in their numbers, making it one of the worst locust attacks India has seen in the past 27 years.
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first published: May 28, 2020 06:47 pm
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