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How eating a plate of chicken salad cost this woman millions of dollars

Chloe Rodgerson now requires a lifetime of medical care and her future medical expenses may exceed tens of millions of dollars

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Chicken salad purchased at CostCo, which happened to be contaminated with E Coli, has ravaged the life of the 20-year-old woman from Utah, in the US, who had to give up a lifelong goal of acting on Broadway, as per a report in Food Safety News.

"Right before I got sick, I had the best year of my life," Chloe said. "And then all of a sudden I woke up with a ventilator down my throat, literally strapped down to the hospital bed."

Costco is a wholesale company and the largest membership-only warehouse club in the United States. Costco was till recently the second largest retailer in the world after WalMart.

Chloe is seeking monetary compensation for her medical bills, infection and the damage it has done to her life and career. Rodgerson’s medical bills have already topped USD 2 million.

Attorneys for Chloe Rodgerson have sued the Seattle-based Costco Wholesale Corporation seeking a jury trial to determine monetary damages for claims involving strict liability and negligence.

The contaminated chicken salad was purchased by her father two years back at a Costco Store in Lehi, Utah.

A shattered acting dream

Before she was infected with E. coli from eating the chicken salad, Rodgerson’s life was dedicated to performing arts, right from the age of five years.

All of Rodgeron’s family members who had the chicken that day became sick, however, Chloe's reaction to the disease, according to the legal complaint was more traumatic and she was infected with a deadly variety of E coli bacteria that generates a Shiga-like toxin which enters through the inflamed bowel wall.

It puts organs like the kidney, pancreas and brain at risk. Chloe also had to get her large intestines removed.

In March last year, doctors declared that Chloe would be needing a transplant, and by that time her husband turned out to be a match and the surgery was conducted successfully.

As per the Court, Rodgerson will be requiring a lifetime of medical care and her future medical expenses may exceed tens of millions of dollars.

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