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Budget 2023
Budget 2023
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Could your face mask detect COVID-19?

Researchers developed a prototype COVID-19 testing face mask with a patch of sensors attached to a pad that collects the user's breath particles.

June 30, 2021 / 03:06 PM IST
Representative image (Source: Reuters)

Representative image (Source: Reuters)

Tiny sensors incorporated into wearable fabrics like masks and jackets could provide instant information on exposure to disease-causing pathogens such as the coronavirus, according to research published on Monday in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

The highly-sensitive tests that up to now have been restricted to laboratory use are integrated into smart wearables "beyond what a FitBit or Applewatch can offer", said study co-author Peter Nguyen a research scientist at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

"The concept is similar to how our own skin works, where you automatically sense your environment with exquisite sensitivity without needing to actively participate in the details of the process itself," he said.

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