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Google to soon launch another 2FA verification tool, Chrome for Android

Google is testing using Chrome on Android as 2 factor verification tool

August 02, 2021 / 06:19 PM IST
The latest Chrome Beta for Android enables hints at it being used as a verification tool

The latest Chrome Beta for Android enables hints at it being used as a verification tool

Two-factor authentication is widely encouraged to be used on the internet, especially when there are personal details are at stake.

It is a security method by which your logins are secured using a code generated on another app or using a code sent to your email or SMS. This means that even if someone does get your password, they won't be able to access your account without a code. A code that can only be sent to devices that you have specified.

It also doesn't necessarily have to be a code, it can also be a simple approval based login where you approve a request sent to a linked device. Similar to how Microsoft handles logins on its services.

Google provides a variety of options when it comes to two-factor authentication. It has its own Google Authenticator app, supports third-party authenticator apps like Authy and even supports sending SMS codes to your phone.

Now Google is looking to expand its offerings according to report by 9to5Google. There are strong hints in the latest beta for Chrome on Android that Google is experimenting turning the browser into two-factor tool.


The publication noted that when you try to sign-in to your account, Chrome pops up a dialog confirming that it is you who is trying to access the account. Users will simply have to tap "Yes" or "No" to the question “Are you trying to sign in?.”

After tapping Yes, you are then taken to a screen with the text, "Connecting to your device."

The report also noticed the requirements for this new method to work. The users need to be signed in to their accounts on Android and will need to have Chrome Sync enabled.
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first published: Aug 2, 2021 06:15 pm

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