Passenger asks for water, Air India crew returns with Iftar food, wins Twitter

By Jagyaseni Biswas

The staff and crew members of an Air India Alliance flight recently won the Internet by offering a Muslim flier an Iftar platter when he had just asked for some water.

Journalist Rifat Jawaid was travelling from Gorakhpur to Delhi while he was observing Ramadan. He was due for his Iftar meal at a time when he was on-board the flight, so he asked an air hostess for a bottle of water.

Thirsty and starving from the day-long fast, he quickly finished the first bottle of water and asked for another from the air hostess, stating he has been observing Ramadan.

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Upon hearing this, she asked him to get back to his seat and returned in a while with food for him. The kind gesture moved the scribe so much that he took to Twitter and shared his experience with his audience in details.

Rifat wrote, “On my way back to Delhi in Air India Alliance from Gorakhpur: Iftar time was nearing so I walked up to cabin crew member, Manjula, asked for some water. She gave me a small bottle. I asked, ‘can I pls have 1 more bottle since I'm fasting?’”

“Manjula replied, ‘why did you leave your seat? You pls return to your seat.’ Minutes later she arrived with two sandwiches and said, ‘please don't hesitate to ask for more.’”

He added, “Of course I didn't need more. They were more than adequate for me. What was the most satisfying was Manjula's heart-warming gesture. This is my India!”
The incident touched netizens who went all out to praise the act, the airline, and how unity and respect for diversity is the true essence of India.

Here are some of the most heart-warming responses.