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The best business laptop for unstoppable productivity

The best laptops for businesses can fuel work performance, so choose one that offers power-packed security and collaboration features

September 10, 2020 / 02:00 PM IST

Being unstoppable is the need of the hour; especially with the new reality blurring the lines between life and work. Boosting work productivity is the new mantra, but did you know that old computers make employees up to 29 percent less productive? An SME PC Study by Intel and J. Gold Associates revealed that employees spend up to 11 hours per year just waiting for their computer to boot up. Today’s workforce needs the right technology and tools to stay productive, and your laptop serves as a command centre to learn, collaborate, and create. But if the device begins to impede your daily work by crashing, freezing or lagging, and thereby slows slowing your productivity, maybe it's time to upgrade.

The older your PC, the less productive you become. People may be attuned to squeezing the life out of an old PC, but it comes at a price with the risk of security breaches, maintenance costs, and more. Invest in a modern PC that protects your PC against potential threats to increase your productivity and business profitability.

One of the best products for businesses is HP’s Elitebook  800 series, which has been specially designed for businesses, and built for superior security with powerful collaboration tools to keep you productive anywhere.

Here are key features to look out for in a PC that boost work performance:

Data protection and security

With the rise in cybercrimes and malware attacks in recent times, it's imperative to ensure your PC protects your business' data. HP's security solutions not only provide comprehensive data protection and prevent security breaches, it is also equipped with self-healing features. Packed with the HP Sure Start Gen5, the HP Elitebook protects your data from firmware attacks, while its HP Sure View feature, your screen will instantly appear dark from side view ensuring no one can peek into your PC. On the off chance your PC faces any attacks or corruption, its self-healing BIOS will automatically recover your data.

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High performance

Work productivity is largely dependent on the efficiency of the devices we use. Small obstacles such as waiting for the computer to start up can lead to a delay in your work. A high-performing PC that is faster to start up, faster to shut down, and faster to transfer data is key to improving your speed and overall efficiency. HP's Elitebook comes equipped with powerful Intel Core processors and super-fast PCIe NVMe SSD storage to ensure you get the job done faster.

Sleek design

The Elitebook offers a slim and light-weight notebook packed in an all-aluminium design, which gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere. In addition, the backlit keyboard allows you to continue working even in dim or completely dark surroundings.

Lasting battery life

Beyond performance and utility, the Elitebook is a tireless workhorse. While battery life might not be a primary concern at the moment, given the current ‘work from home’ dynamic, it is a quintessential requirement for any premium notebook. And on the battery front, the Elitebook can deliver hours of productivity, enough to get you through the entire workday, before needing a recharge.

Collaboration tools

With video conferencing, lengthy audio calls and online presentations becoming the norm, the remote office runs on seamless collaboration with teams spread across geographies. Microsoft for Business and its suite of Office apps and intelligent cloud service, you can streamline your workflow without worrying about security hazards and amplify your productivity. The HP Elitebook comes with Windows 10 Pro 64, especially designed to fulfil your business needs.

New, powerful PCs can empower your employees to meet business priorities effectively and help you scale up your business and amplify your profits. So explore HP solutions to give your business a competitive edge and power your growth story.

The Elitebook is an enterprise grade-laptop with enterprise-grade software to ensure optimal productivity while working from home. The combination of HP’s high-end security features with Microsoft’s software suite ensures remote collaborations are secure and efficient. Built-in Microsoft Teams and MS Office will help you stay productive from the comfort of your home.

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first published: Sep 10, 2020 12:07 pm
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