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Diwali décor ideas to get your home ready for the festivities

Simple and affordable décor hacks to deck up your homes this festive season. Plus, the right way to declutter your home before Diwali.

October 31, 2021 / 02:48 PM IST
Accents of brass and gold can add a sense of grandeur to a space when balanced right.

Accents of brass and gold can add a sense of grandeur to a space when balanced right.

Diwali is the harbinger of prosperity, good fortune, and new beginnings. The Covid-19 pandemic over the past 1.5 years has only emphasised how important our homes are to us and that the joy of celebrating occasions in the presence of loved ones is unparalleled!

Here are simple and affordable home décor ideas to get your home festival-ready. Deck up your homes with these hacks that allow you to bring panache into compact urban apartments and dwellings on a budget in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru where home sizes can range between 800-1,500 square feet on an average.

Furniture and accessories

Refreshing your home for the festive season needn’t be an expensive affair. The introduction of colour is a sure winner! Add pops of colour in the form of cushion covers, rugs, tableware, and bed linen. The inclusion of colour in a balanced manner can layer neutral interior spaces effortlessly. Some colours that are popular during the festive season include yellow, rust, shades of deep red, emerald-green, and deep blue.

Gold and brass accents


Subdued touches of gold and brass are a celebrated part of the material palette during the festivities. Adding a few touches of the material in spaces can add a sense of grandeur when balanced right. Accents of brass and gold can make a cameo in the form of decorative bowls, tableware, candleholders, decorative items, statement lights, and gold/brass-framed mirrors. One can choose to steer clear of using gold accents altogether, alternatively experimenting with copper or silver metal objects.

Environment-friendly décor

Use older vintage sarees and fabrics to create cushion covers, table mats, and table runners. Use terracotta bowls and urns to display floral arrangements as the material is natural. Work with LED lamps/bulbs (starting at Rs400 locally) instead of conventional bulbs to reduce power consumption. Choose cotton/jute/muslin/newspaper bags to wrap gifts and avoid the plastic-based wrapping paper option to reduce unsustainable waste generation.

Spread the light

Light up your homes with classic mud diyas (starting at Rs3 per piece locally), string lights can grace the exteriors of your home as well as the interiors and candles can line windowpanes and table surfaces. Get creative and introduce paper lampshades for a soft colourful glow in balconies and sit-outs. One can also upcycle glass jars and insert T-light candles to create a simple DIY lighting feature at home.

Timeless flowers

Flowers are always a welcome addition and can brighten up any corner of the home. One can use flower-laden strings as beautiful screens within or at the entrance of the house. Flower petals can be used to embellish rangolis. One can create stunning coffee table and dining table centrepieces using flowers, large terracotta/brass vessels and floating candles. Popular floral varieties during the festive season include Marigold (Rs.60/kg), Jasmine (Rs.200/kg), and Roses (Rs.300/kg).

Rice powder/flower rangolis

Utilise natural rice powder to create organic eco-friendly rangolis at entrances, foyers, pooja rooms, or living spaces. The patterns created could be intricate geometric motifs or holy symbols for the festive season. Decorate these with diyas, flowers, and flower petals to create a charming colourful feature that complements the celebrations.

Tips to get your home Diwali-ready

  • Declutter your home room-wise when the festive season is 3-4 weeks away.

  • Donate the items you don't use any more and that are still in good condition to goodwill or to those in need.

  • Focus on winding up paint retouches and home white-washing in advance.

  • Dry clean upholstery and drapes.

  • Focus on including as many natural materials as possible in the décor palette like flowers, terracotta diyas, and organic rangoli colours, etc.

  • Create a sanitization and cleaning routine that can be implemented after guests leave.

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Lavanya Chopra is a Bengaluru-based architect and freelance design writer.
first published: Oct 31, 2021 02:40 pm
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