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Watch: Leaders discuss the most important and underrated topic- Sleep brought together leaders on a platform and organised a session-‘Meet the Dream Catchers’

March 24, 2021 / 02:39 PM IST

On World Sleep Day, held an engaging panel discussion on the most crucial subject, which impacts our well-being and productivity- Sleep.

The importance of a well-rested mind and sleep has been emphasised by numerous experts world over and still, many of us are unable to get quality sleep. This can be due several reasons such as erratic working hours, work pressure, checking smartphones beyond midnight, too much distraction, stress and much more.

Thus, to bring forth the importance of sleep, brought together leaders on a platform and organised a session-‘Meet the Dream Catchers’- with media partner Moneycontrol, where they focussed on sleep and health amidst the hectic and high-pressure demands of the modern-day lifestyle.

During the insightful discussion, Dipali Mathur Dayal, CEO and Co-founder, Super Smelly; Chakradhar Gade, Co-founder, Country Delight; Raja Ganapathy, Founding Partner, Spring Marketing Capital; and Chandra Srikanth, Editor- Tech, Startups and New Economy, Moneycontrol informed about their respective habits and work culture.

The session was moderated by Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Co-founder and Director,

Here are the excerpts

Chaitanya Ramalingegowda:

“Unfortunately, sleep is the silent sufferer. Anything happens in your life, sleep is the first thing that goes out of the window. In the pandemic year, we were excited to see how people have changed. Over 70% of people said they want to value sleep more. Secondly, people who were sleeping after midnight reduced by 2%. On the other hand, the number of people sleeping after 1am increased 12-15%.”

Chakradhar Gade:

“We have a very free work culture. We don’t operate on the system of forcing people to work or calibrating too much on deadlines because we believe in building a team, which is very ownership driven who give their best. It’s all about them. We are very proud of having built that culture.”

Chandra R. Srikanth:

“It has become difficult for journalists because of the hyper-connected world. There is such a proliferation of news with legacy and new media, aggregators. You have to draw the line between what is important and what isn’t. Organisations have become flexible and everything happens remotely now- from broadcasting a video to editing a story.”

Raja Ganapathy:

Most companies are trapped in a success loop. We want people to be happy. During the pandemic, one thing that we managed to do well is early on every decision we would make in the next one year would be people based. Even business will come secondary. The first thing we did in March during the pandemic was we announced we will not ask anyone to leave because of COVID.”

Dipali Mathur:

The performance of any individual is not measured by the number of hours they are clocking. The culture is very outcome oriented. It takes the pressure off or on, depending on certain individuals. We believe that if are working hard, it is important that by the end of the year we unwind. So December 31 and January 1 are two off days sacrosanct. We also have flexi hours.”

Watch the full discussion here:

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first published: Mar 24, 2021 02:00 pm